Before chap story;
I look over at my twin, her hands covered with blood,
I thirsted for more.. She looked at me and smirked.
She rubbed the blood on her pants, and stood up.
As we walked away from her body, we ran straight..
Straight ahead for the... Forest.

Read for more info ~



Anna's POV

I woke up really early but don't know what the time is, What Jeff did last night is really getting to my head and I have to find out what that kiss meant.. It's bugging me to death.


I groaned a little and turned around to see Jeff not in bed, So I quickly glared around to see if he was in the bathroom or anywhere else in the room, but he's not. I quickly get up and get my clothes on and open Jeff's room door and walk out and close the door. "Jeff?" I say, "Jeff?" I repeat, Still no answer so I went where my gut told me to.

Slender's Room.


I walked down the hallway for about 10 minutes then finally reach Slender's Room I knock on the door, "Hello?" I say, No answer. I knock once more, "Hello? Slendy?" I say, Still no reply I open the door and walk in to see nobody in there then turn back to walk out.. But then "Heh... Hey.." Laughing Jack is right there standing at the door then shuts it. He approaches slowly, "Don't get any funny ideas with Jeff.." He growls, "He's MINE and only MINE!" He yells then pushes me against the wall "You even get ONE funny idea with him I'll make you regret it!" He yells then hits me across the face. I start tearing up and look down then back up into his eyes his expression changed completely. "O-oh my god.." He says backing up letting go of me, "I didn't mean to.. I'm so sorry.. I have an evil side of me I can't control.." He slowly says then walks up closer to me "You're really.. pretty.." He mumbles then smirks slightly and looks into my eyes. I try to fake a smile back but then he starts making his face closer. Oh god he's going to kiss me isn't he.. He kisses my lips slowly and passionately, I kiss him back not knowing what to do. Suddenly the door slams open. It's Jeff.


"What are you two doing!?!" He yells then looks at me and frowns. "LJ.... You.. bloody cheater.." He says angrily, He gives Laughing Jack the death glare and Jeff grabs my arm and pulls me out the room and we start walking back into his room but he doesn't say anything the entire way back, He opens his room door and motions me in, His face expressionless. "Anna.... Why..." He mumbles and looks down, "I-I'm sorry.. He kissed me.. I didn't know what to do.." I say and look down and sit on the side of his bed. "I-I'm sorry.. I don't want you to break up with Laughing Jack.. I ruined everything I'm so sorry!" I said louder but not quite yelling. "I.. I don't care if I break up with LJ..." He says and looks up into my eyes then down again. "W-why..?" I say looking into his eyes.

"Because Anna... I-... I" He says

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