The connection

Have you ever had to live with 4 other girls who are connected with you. Literally. Well that's us, the connection, and we have a mission to befriend and protect 5 boys. You may know them as one direction.

We all have to defeat gullen and tricentilly (tilly for short) ... And we can't forget about all of the other people in the arechnos (pronounced are-esh-no-ss) group there's about 100 of them in this world anyways...
They are hunters who take over people with powers(like us) and use them for the dark side

There is one tiny problem though.. Haha.. We have to befriend them, make them trust us, and the hardest one: make them fall in love with us; it's the only way to combine our powers oh I forgot to mention.. two of them have girlfriends.. Great..


5. zayn malik

*Emma's pov*

"Hey I'm going to go"

"Okay but stay out of trouble" Amithist told me pointing at me

"Yeah yeah okay whatever can I go now" I rolled my eyes

"I mean it behave and yes you may go" she said calmly.

"Finally" I let out a sigh of relief and started walking


After about ten minutes of walking I came across a large building I looking in the window and there was these bicycle like machines and other machines and sweaty people. Lots of sweaty people.

I walked to the other side and saw people fighting. They were wearing giant gloves and had a thingy in their mouth and again. They were sweaty. There was a guy with black hair and deep brown eyes observing them. I felt my whole body turn warm. That's weird this has never happened before.

I walked to the front of the building and looked at the sign. Gym. That's a weird name. But I walked inside anyway I wanted to do the fighting thing. You know just to try it out.

I walked in and walked to the lady in the front desk.

"Hi darlin" she had a country accent

"Hello um I would like to join the class um what's it called" Emma your a idiot I thought to myself

"Well right now we have a boxing class that should be starting up in 20 mins"

"Yes yes that stupid me I forgot the name" I smiled. Play nice Emma play the nice card.

"Yes well let's get you signed up and you can start today" she smiled and handed me a form

"Don't I need to pay?" I asked and tilted my head to the side

"No the instructor teaches for free as long as they are willing to learn"

"What's his name" she looked at me in shock then went back to her calm and collected mood

"He likes to keep his name on the down low for personal purposes and no 'fans' as he likes to call it are allowed in"

"Fans? So he's famous"

"Yeah he's in that boy band"

"Ohhh" realization coming over me "wait then why did you let me sign up"

"Two reasons one is because you don't act like the other 'fans' and two because I know about you your 1/5 of the connection" she smiled at me

"h-how?" My eyes widened

"Well I'm the wife of the wolf tribal leader we are in our own groups but we all talk to each other"

"Oh yeah I'm sorry Mary how could I forget you wow it's been so long"

"I know and I still look fabulous anyways go get that boy honey I'll fill the papers for you" she winked and pointed towards a door behind her


I walked inside the classroom and everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me

I smirked and walked to the guy with black hair

"Hi I'm Emma I'm new I just joined today" I smiled at him

He looked at me and cleared his throat

"No girls are allowed in this class miss"

"Well I'm an exception" I smirked again looking at him

"Okay well let's see what you got"

"But sir-" one guy started

"No buts she wants to join let's see what's she got we will start with Robert" he smirked

A buff looking guy stood up

I scoffed and crossed my arms

"Oh please" I said to myself

"Robert have Sam set you up and you" he pointed at me "come with me so I can set you up"

I nodded and followed him to a different room

"Okay how did you get in this class If I found out you snuck in here I swear-"

"Oh please honey you wish I snuck in here" I smirked "but sadly it was the only boxing class for.. My level in boxing" I kept on with the smirking

I put my phone down on his desk so he can put the gloves on

"Well let's see if that's true" he smirked himself and looked me in the eyes for a second and looked away he put the boxing gloves on me and handed me a thing

"Open wide" I opened and he put it in I started giggling

"What's so funny" he raised and eyebrow

"Fjd fkkr fms bhdkwb wouuerd" he laughed

"What" he took the mouth price out

"Your hair is falling down and it looks like a horn sticking out of your forehead" he looked at the mirror and blushed we laughed hard

There was a knock

"Sir we are almost ready" a student yelled in

"Okay give me a second" he yelled back

He fixed his hair and put the mouth piece back in my mouth

"Let's do this" I nodded and we walked out


I walked into the ring and stood in one corner

The Robert guy stood in the other corner

"Okay 3 2 1 start" zayn said

I walked closer and got into position the guy swung but I dodged it I used left jabs and he was in pain already. Ha.

He swung another right upper cut and got me but I wasn't affected I just hit him back with a right uppercut followed by a right hook to the face and he fell to the floor. I smirked.

He took off his gloves and mouth piece

"I'm out I'm out" he breathed out

I just took off my gloves and mouth piece

"Is that enough proof mr. Malik" I smirked at him

"You got my best fighter to call out" zayn looked at me in admiration


"I told you already" I smirked

The class went on for another 30 minutes it was an hour long

Everyone was leaving and I was packing up getting fresh clothes from my bag. I love my bag.

It was endless literally and all I had to do was press my finger on a button and think about what I want and it pops up in the bag

I changed and walked out. Shit. I forgot my phone

I walked back into the room and looked around. Where could it be. I sat down and thought.

I left it in his office on his desk. Emma you idiot.

I walked to the door to his office I was about to open it

"I told you I would try but I couldn't because I had class" silence.

"So it's my fault we never together you know you could take something from your schedule too it's not always my fault" silence.

"Well how the hell and I supposed to know"

"No it's not my fault Liam said I couldn't go"

"Stop blaming me you know what this isn't working out"

"We are over" my eyes widened

He just broke up with his gf

I knocked he opened the door and stared at me with anger

"What are you doing here"

"Well I left my phone and I wanted to know if you are okay"

"You were listening to my god damn conversation" he yelled and was getting angrier

"No you could here your conversation all the way from the other side of the room" I spat "so don't blame me"

I went around him and grabbed my phone and put it in my purse

I walked out of the office

"Wait" I heard zayn say but if you know me I have a temper

"What zayn" I was pissed off

"I'm sorry" I would have still Been angry but a tear escaped his eye

"I'm so sorry i was a douche and I apologize" I took a breath and ran my hand through my hair

"It's fine"

"To apologize I'm going to take you to dinner"



~back at home after date~

*Amithist's pov*

The door opens

"Emma loove get your arse here right this second"

"Okay mother" she laughs and crosses her arms over her chest

"Where were you?" I ask glaring at her

"None of your business it's my life now stop being an ass and let me enjoy it"she spat

"Listen it's not my fault the board has their orders and I'm not gunna be the one to tell them different we are on a mission and if we don't finish the mission we will die. Do you hear me. Die." I told her

"Well screw all of you you don't trust me what do you think I was doing" she yelled at me

"I don't know last time you-"

"Oh last time I did this last time I did that" she mocked

"Don't mock me Emma" I glared again

"Well just for your information I was with zayn fucking malik the guy That is supposed to fall for me but you know what. It's not fair you got a single man which makes your part easy so why don't you get off my fucking back and leave. Me. Alone" her was getting redder and redder, her hair and hands were on fire, and you could see flames in her eyes more than normal. She was turning. Not good.

"Jazmine" I called out hurriedly


"Emma is turning again bring the potion"

"Shit I'm coming" a second later she was next to us with a potion in her hands

"Drink this" she said giving Emma the potion

"Thanks jazz" she smiled at her

"No prob"

A minute later emma was back to her normal self but she was still mad at me so she went to her room without another word

"So what happened"

"Emma just came back like 10 minutes ago and we got into an argument"

"Ami I thought we agreed no more arguments you know Emma"

"I'm sorry I was just looking out for her and her attitude was out of control"

"I'm not the one you should be telling that to" jazzy crossed her arms and leaned against the doorway

"She's pissed tho"

"Does it matter"

"No I guess not" I rubbed the back of my neck and walked upstairs

I knocked on her door

"What do you want"

"Hey em it's me"

"Yeah ik so what do you want"

"I came to apologize"

"Okay go on" knowing that she wasn't going to open the door I kept speaking

"Listen I'm really sorry it's just that I care about you you know we are like sisters and I'm sorry I shouldn't have been so mad but I don't want anything happening to any of you"

"It's okay" and I just walked away knowing Emma she just wants to be alone to figure out her thoughts

*erins pov*

Amithist and Emma were fighting again I tried to sleep but I couldn't and like on cue Niall texted me


The Irish cutie ;) - hey! :)

Me - hey!!

The Irish cutie ;) - wanna come over and hang out tomorrow?

Me - sure I would love to :) .. What time?

The Irish cutie ;) - mm what about noon? We can go for lunch then go to my place

Me - sounds great Irish cutie ;)

The Irish cutie ;) - yay! And haha you know it ;)

Me - I'm going to bed goodnight cutie :)

The Irish cutie ;) - goodnight beautiful <3

I turned my phone off and out it on the charger

I noticed it was quiet again so they probably stopped fighting and went to bed

Tomorrow is going to be a good day I can feel it and with that I fell asleep

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