The connection

Have you ever had to live with 4 other girls who are connected with you. Literally. Well that's us, the connection, and we have a mission to befriend and protect 5 boys. You may know them as one direction.

We all have to defeat gullen and tricentilly (tilly for short) ... And we can't forget about all of the other people in the arechnos (pronounced are-esh-no-ss) group there's about 100 of them in this world anyways...
They are hunters who take over people with powers(like us) and use them for the dark side

There is one tiny problem though.. Haha.. We have to befriend them, make them trust us, and the hardest one: make them fall in love with us; it's the only way to combine our powers oh I forgot to mention.. two of them have girlfriends.. Great..


3. authors note

Hey I'm so sorry for not writing in so long I have been extremely buisy but I am working on the next 2 chapters for this story and I will upload them soon I'm not done with either one yet but I am working on it I'm sorry for the wait


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