The connection

Have you ever had to live with 4 other girls who are connected with you. Literally. Well that's us, the connection, and we have a mission to befriend and protect 5 boys. You may know them as one direction.

We all have to defeat gullen and tricentilly (tilly for short) ... And we can't forget about all of the other people in the arechnos (pronounced are-esh-no-ss) group there's about 100 of them in this world anyways...
They are hunters who take over people with powers(like us) and use them for the dark side

There is one tiny problem though.. Haha.. We have to befriend them, make them trust us, and the hardest one: make them fall in love with us; it's the only way to combine our powers oh I forgot to mention.. two of them have girlfriends.. Great..


2. assignment

*raina's pov*

Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding.

I shot up immediately

"Oh my god"

Another assignment yes the first time in 59 years it's been too long

"Raina get up we have to get ready" I heard Amithist through the door

"I know I know I'm going I'm going"

"Okay we have 45 minutes"

I decided to take a bath and bring out my tail just in case I don't get to for a while

After I did I got out and used my water power to take all the water out of my hair and I put the water ball in the sink

I picked my blue dress and blue head band an put it on and started packing

I came out to see everyone done already

"Wow even Emma was done before you that's a first"

"Yeah and I am NOT a morning person so can everyone shut the hell up" Emma said well more like snapped

"Guys listen we are about to get the assignment" just then the messenger owl came and dropped the Manilla envelopes and letter down the 'chimney'

*amithist's pov*

I grabbed the letter and started reading it

"Hello connection,

For this assignment we need you to find five boys and it is urgent this time if you don't complete this assignment in time the arechnos will take over

We need you to:

Find the boys (each one of you is assigned to one boy)

Befriend the boys

Make them trust you

Make them fall in love with you

Train them

And then once they are fully trained your powers must be combined and you have to defeat the arechnos

Good luck connection we are counting on you

Only you can do this

Counting on you,

The board"

"WHAT!??!" All the girls said in unison

"How do they expect us to make them fall in love with us" Emma asked "they are crazy"

"Well in the letter it said they think if we combine our powers with theirs then we can defeat the arechnos" I told them

"We have to try guys" Raina said patting Emma's back

"I'm doing it if we complete this mission we can finally be free and we don't have to be stuck in here and worry all the time" I told the girls

They nodded and we started opening our Manilla envelopes


Liam Payne

His power:

Heal factor - ability to heal itself instantly and heal others within a couple minutes depending on how big/bad the wound is

Comments about boy: he just broke up with girlfriend, he is still heart broken

"Hey he is exactly like you with the healing stuff and all maybe ours are kinda the same" Raina said

"Hm maybe"


Niall horan

His power:

Empathy - Ability to read or sense the emotions and/or control the emotions or feelings of others

Comment: he loves food and especially nandos

"Yeah I think it is they are each very similar" I said they nodded


Harry styles

His power:

Duplication - ability to create duplicates of themselves

Comment: he is a flirt


Zayn malik

His power:

Animal control - Ability to communicate with animals, birds and even aquatic creatures and get them to perform tasks on command

Comment: he is currently dating perrie Edwards but they are barely together because of schedules

And lastly,


Louis tomlinson

His power:

Animation - Ability to bring inanimate objects to life

Comment: he is currently dating Eleanor Calder but they are arguing a lot

"Oh great this just made it a whole lot easier how come I have to have a taken man love me it's not fair"

"Hey I do too so it's fine" jasmine told Emma

"Whatever" she rolled her eyes

Jazmine shook her head and started the portal once it was done we walked through

We ended up in an alley

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