New Life

Aubrey moved to London with her sister. She needs to ve loved more. Megan is the only person their for her. Will she ever find the one?


1. 1

Aubrey's P.O.V "Aubrey get up!" Megan yelled from the kitchen. "I don't wanna. Can I stay home, please," I said holding the e. "Aubrey get up now or you know what will happen. Also it's a new school. You can start over," she said. Normally if I don't get up she pours ice water on me. "I'm getting up," I grown. So I get out of bed and walk over to my closet. I see a picture of my dad, and my eyes well up with tears. (Flashback) "Aubby everyday is a new day. A day to start over, and to be you. Don't let anyone tell you different," my dad tells me on our way to drop me off at school. "Your silly daddy," I say. "I love you babe. Have a good day at school," he said and hugged me. "I love you to daddy, I'll see you later." I said. He kissed me on top of my head. Then I got out of the car, and waved goodbye. (End of Flashback) I feel hit tears run down my cheeks. I wipe away my tears and pick out my clothes. I'm wearing light color skinny jeans, pink and white striped shirt it's lacy I put an undershirt with it, and nee high brown boots. I lay my clothes on my bed then go get in the shower. I dry off and put my clothes on. I blow dry my hair and put some base and mascara on. "Megan will you do my hair?" I ask. "Shure I'm coming in your room tho," she said, and walked upstairs. "I'm only doing this because your my favourite sister," she said and giggled a little. "Megan your my only sister," I said. "I know love. Now shut up so I can do your hair," we both laughed. She curled my hair in loose curles. Then she takes my bangs and bumped them up. "Your hair is done. I made scones and devonshire cream, and jelly is in the fridge," she said leaving my room. I go down stairs to eat. The food was great. Well I'm ready to go now, or I think I am. I grab an apple and stick it in my bag. "Megan will you drive me to school? I lost my keys," I asked. "Erm shure. Let me get my keys," she said. I go and get in the car. "Thanks Megan," I say. "Your welcome," she said. "I mean for everything. Taking me away. Where would I be without you?" I ask. She grinds and said, "I always promised I would always be here for you." (Flashback) "Aubrey are you coming with ne or staying here with that bitch!?" Megan yelled while pointing at my mom. Megan's nose was bleeding and her face was swollen from being slapped. My mom was really abusive. Megan would never hit her back. No matter how much she was beat. But then one-day she snapped. She broke my mom's wrist when she was coming for me. Then slammed her in the ground. I've never seen Megan cry tho until now. I know this was the end. She couldn't take this any more. "Megan take me with you!" I sobed. "Get your ass back in here. NOW! You can't leave me!" My mom screamed. I flinched. Megan grabbed our stuff, and I follow her to the car. "Get back here! I love you," mom screamed. "To late, Ashley," Megan yelled then speed off. "Where are we going?" I ask. "London," she replied. (End of Flashback) "Aubrey, are you okay. You like zoned out." She asked. "Yeah," I said. "Aubby, I love you. Today is a new day. Be good and have a good day. Call me when school is over," she said while we pulled up at school. "I love you too," I say and hug her then get out of the car. Well school here I come.
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