The Demon and his puppet

One there lived a girl. She lived in a village with her mom and dad , and she was happy.

But all that changed

Men came and took her away form the village. Took her to him , the man she grew to hate and despise with ever part of her. You may wonder why the girl hated the man. And i'll tell you. It was because he made her dances ballet all day every day with out fail for mouths , year ... Decades. that is until a hero appeared. That's when things got interesting


2. chapter two

I lay in bed , still tired form dancing. It not easy dancing point form 8:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night! And any one that say other wise clearly need to be taught a lesson in dance! Dancing all day is so god dame hard and there no point to it what's so ever! I mean come on . of all the things to do all day you choose to sit on your ass and watch me dance ballet! Seriously, why not go out and do something for god sake! But nooooooo you want to watch me dance! What is that even about! Who kidnaps a little kid just to have themdance ballet all day! O god here I go again making my self cry! I just can't think about that without cry... Crying! I mean this whole thing is just Darren's sick way of proving that he can do whatever the hell he wants! " O I know , why don't I kidnap some random kid and have them dance ballet all day ever day over and over again!proving the fact that I can do whatever the fuck I want and one one will ever stop me!"

And just like at I fall asleep tears streaming down my cheeks.


"Darren" said la-mon " please don't do this! Having one of those ... Those ... Blast it all! Whatever the hell you call them, one is bad enough but making another , one that's is trying to kill you no less! Don't do this , I don't ... I don't want to see you die!"

"La-mon." I say looking up from my work " you have been a great Firend of mine for many years and the best chef I have ever had the pleasure of dinning with! So please trust me when I say this, every thing is going to work out find! And to see her smile , to have her happy for just one day that Is enough to last me a life time!"

"Please." Said la-mon" Darren I have seen you chase after that things happiness for as long as I can remember. But do not put you life on the line for something that's will never happen!"

"I have to try!" I say turning to face the demon still clad in his chefs uniform "she means the world to me and don't call her a thing. She has a name!"

"Your crazy!" Said la-mon walking out the door of the work shop "crazy!"

"I know!" I call over my shoulder. I've always known.

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