The Demon and his puppet

One there lived a girl. She lived in a village with her mom and dad , and she was happy.

But all that changed

Men came and took her away form the village. Took her to him , the man she grew to hate and despise with ever part of her. You may wonder why the girl hated the man. And i'll tell you. It was because he made her dances ballet all day every day with out fail for mouths , year ... Decades. that is until a hero appeared. That's when things got interesting


3. chapter three

After my morning routine from hell , I came down stairs for another day of dancing. But when I got to the throne room Darren wasn't there! In all the year that I've lived here this as NEVER happened! It's always been get up , get dressed , go downstairs , see Darren , dance , go to bed! With out Darren the system breaks down. I look around the room nervously. what am I supposed to do? Wait? Suddenly a door that I've never noticed before opens as Darren steps out with two of the demon servants wheeling in a giant Crystal Ball.O I should tell you , me and Darren aren't the only people that live in the Castle. There also the demon servants that cook our food and help take care of the grounds since Darren is such a lazy fat ass! But now you probably wondering is Darren a Demon? Well I don't really know what he is . I mean he look human. To be honest he looks beautiful , with his dark Black hair , deep blue eye , siting atop his throne dressed in black robes. he radiates power. If I didn't know him I could see my self falling for him. But I know what behind that pretty face, and it not beautiful! Other than him, me and the servant i don't know of anyone Else living here."Amelia." Called Darren" as I was saying last night I was studying my crystal ball here an found some thing that may interest you!"

"Crystal what?" I say dumbfounded

"Yes my crystal ball, it's how I keep tabs on the little people living out side the castle walls!" He said with a smirk " want to have a look"

"Yes"I say as I step on to the dais. I walk over to the crystal ball and look in to it! I see a image of a figure on horseback ridding though the woods. " I don't understand?" I said looking up at Darren

"Keep watching." Said Darren the smirk growing bigger. I lean back over the crystal ball and watch as the man leans in close to his horse and whispers "faster boy , I have to get to the castle. To save the lady Amelia!"

I stare at the image in shock " who ... Who is that?" I say looking up at Darren, his smile bigger than ever now.

"I don't know." Said Darren with a shrug" I was hoping you could tell me seeing as he's here for you not me!" I look back at the crystal ball but the image is gone!

"Well." Said Darren walking our to his thrown " this should be interesting , very interesting."

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