The Demon and his puppet

One there lived a girl. She lived in a village with her mom and dad , and she was happy.

But all that changed

Men came and took her away form the village. Took her to him , the man she grew to hate and despise with ever part of her. You may wonder why the girl hated the man. And i'll tell you. It was because he made her dances ballet all day every day with out fail for mouths , year ... Decades. that is until a hero appeared. That's when things got interesting


5. chapter five

My schedule had changed a lot Since I made the deal with Darren. Ever day before breakfast me and Darren gather around the Crystal ball watching as the "mystery hero" makes his way though the forest and the land surrounding the castle. O and the "mystery hero" is actually named Nathaniel. The more I watch him the more I grow to love him , not just for being my rescuer but for who he is. He loves animals , he stopped and gave the last of his food to a starved looking faun he saw in the woods. He also very heroic , as we learned when he broke up a bar fight in a tavern he stopped in. He seems like a very caring person. And who know , If I get to know him more on the trip away from the castle maybe we could be friends. I'm already own him much for coming to my rescue! How can I ever repay him? I can't , that's the answer. I can't repay someone for saving you from a life of misery. All I can say is thank you , and I hope to god he good with a sword. Because Darren is , he must be a master or something close to it! Speaking of Darren he acts very strange whenever we watching Nathaniel. He doesn't so much watch what going on in the crystal ball , it more like he watching my reaction to the events. Also I'd expected him to make rude comments, and laugh at Nathaniel. But instead he completely quiet , only commenting when We'er done watching. The whole thing is very unlike him. Anyways today after we We'er done watching Darren said that Nathaniel will be here in a few days time! I just hope he's as good with a sword as he is in a bar fight!


I lean over my work desk putting the last finishing touches on the "grand finale". It was fun to while it lasted but like all good things it must come to a end. I'm just glad that I got to see her face light up with happiness one more time. After this that will all be over! She'll hate me forever , no question. At lest.... O god ! To hell with it all! La-mon was right this was a bad idea , but it's to late now. I must finish it !

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