Bestfriends(Louis T. &Michael C. Fanfic)

Hello my name is Ariel Gonzales. Me and my bestfriend live together and have the craziest memories bestfriends since birth so pretty much sisters xD. Anywho we are obsessed with the same things like :
•the vamps
•little mix
•5seconds of summer
•Bruno Mars
•Ed Sheran
•Justin Bieber
•and a lot more
So yeah we do everything thing ether she knows how much I hate one direction because so does she :D yay! Well yeah Ahha we both have a secret that nobody knows about our parents do because they had to go through this too. Theirs are gone but they said that ours are never ganna leave ): sad face well yeah um ... That's all for now bye!!!��

(I don't hate one direction I love them so plz don't hate me >.< Ahha well yeah this is a 1D and 5SOS fanfic goodbye my little penguins��


11. School

Hey my unicorn creatures sorry I haven't updated and stuff I've been busy with homework and studying for my upcoming French test. Sorry :-( To make it up to you here is a chapter :D TO LE STORREEEHHHHH!!!!ALEX'S POV:

*BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* I hit my alarm clock but not so hard that it breaks. I don't want another broken alarm clock. I wake up and do my morning routine. Brush my teeth (first thing I do bc who wants that nasty ass taste in yo mouth when you bearly wake up) shower and yeah you get the idea. I go wake the girls up and make breakfast for them. Arri ends up making herself a milk shake and runs outside like a maniac scream/singing "MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD DAMN RIGHT ITS BETTER THAN YOURS!!!" And heads back inside We finish eating and grab our penny boards and head to school. 

We get to school and make our way to the office. "Hello how may I help you?" "Were new here and came to get our classes and lockers" "okay what's your names?" "Alex Martinez Elizabeth Garcia and Ariel Gonzalez" "okay thank you hun" "here are your classes and lockers" "thank you very much" "no problem sweet heart oh and this is Alex she will be showing you arround." 
"Hi I'm Alex but you can call me Lexi" "well she's Elizabeth but you can call her eilly that's Alex but you can call him al and I'm Ariel but you can call me arri" "okay thanks." Wow she's really shy. "So let me see your classes" we each hand her our classes. "Well lucky for you but all our classes are the same." She says. She shows us around the school and before we know it the last bell rings and we head to our lockers. "Thank for showing us around." "No problem!" "hey I got an idea you wanna come over our house and just chill?" "Sure why not!" Well turns out she's actually really loud and outgoing not shy. 

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