Bestfriends(Louis T. &Michael C. Fanfic)

Hello my name is Ariel Gonzales. Me and my bestfriend live together and have the craziest memories bestfriends since birth so pretty much sisters xD. Anywho we are obsessed with the same things like :
•the vamps
•little mix
•5seconds of summer
•Bruno Mars
•Ed Sheran
•Justin Bieber
•and a lot more
So yeah we do everything thing ether she knows how much I hate one direction because so does she :D yay! Well yeah Ahha we both have a secret that nobody knows about our parents do because they had to go through this too. Theirs are gone but they said that ours are never ganna leave ): sad face well yeah um ... That's all for now bye!!!��

(I don't hate one direction I love them so plz don't hate me >.< Ahha well yeah this is a 1D and 5SOS fanfic goodbye my little penguins��


2. morning


My alarm clock wakes me Up at 6:30 which means it's time to wake up Ariel now. -.- this chika. I go to her room and start shaking her hitting her poking her slapping her and putting water on her.. She doesn't wake up. No surprise. So I almost give up but whatever ,.. Eh heck with it. I yank the blankets off her and she immediately shoots up. "*groans* why did you do that? It better be a good reason" "first of all ... You were in a awkward position ... I tried to wake you up ... Which explains why your soaking wet. So I just did that so you could oh you know... GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP AND GET READY FOR SCHOOL!!!" "*face palms* shit I forgot sorry slut" "it's fine my bitch" so I go to my room get ready and change.


So I get ready and change into a baggy croptop that says 'bitch' on it some black high wasted shorts and some (obviously) black converse :D . I go downstairs to wait for her. When I see her come down she looks at me and we both start laughing our asses off. "DUDE WE DRESSED THE SAME!!!" We say at the same time. She's wearing the same as me but her shirt says 'slut' sooooo yeah. "SCHOOL!!! Bleah! LEGGO THOU!!!" Soooo yeah that's our morning :D

A/N sooo I didn't like how this chapter came out buuuutttt whatever ... I don't know if I should do Michael's or Louis's POV yet... Comment if I should or shouldn't ... Toodlesz my little penguins!🐧


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