Bestfriends(Louis T. &Michael C. Fanfic)

Hello my name is Ariel Gonzales. Me and my bestfriend live together and have the craziest memories bestfriends since birth so pretty much sisters xD. Anywho we are obsessed with the same things like :
•the vamps
•little mix
•5seconds of summer
•Bruno Mars
•Ed Sheran
•Justin Bieber
•and a lot more
So yeah we do everything thing ether she knows how much I hate one direction because so does she :D yay! Well yeah Ahha we both have a secret that nobody knows about our parents do because they had to go through this too. Theirs are gone but they said that ours are never ganna leave ): sad face well yeah um ... That's all for now bye!!!��

(I don't hate one direction I love them so plz don't hate me >.< Ahha well yeah this is a 1D and 5SOS fanfic goodbye my little penguins��


15. Job

A/N so imma start listing song you should listen to while Reading this it's optional but these are good songs soo yeah ... Songs for this chapter are 
Stereo hearts -gym class heroes 
Give me your hand-The Ready Set
She is love-Parachute
Adore - Miley Cyrus vs Cedric Gervais (Proximity) 
I believe -Time Flies (proximity)
If you want you can say what songs you think are good for this chapter then go ahead and say them. BYE!!
"So what your saying is me Alex and eilly should each spend a day with each and everyone of the boys separately???" "Uh yeah pretty much?" Michael said well more like asked. "I don't know ..." "Oh c'mon arri please!!!!!" I huff in frustration. "Fine" I give in "but wel talk more about it later because I have to get to work. Bye love you Mikey." Oh how i love you michael ... So bad ... You'll just never know how bad I love you... "Love you too Arri" and I kiss his cheek "k well gatta go my shift starts in like *checks clock* 10 minutes" "kk bye!!!" 

~skip car ride bc i pretty much just jammed out to blink 182 and green day~ 

"Hey wassup Jess!" "Hey Arri!" "What shift do I have today?" "Ummmm let me check *checks* well today you're behind the counter for 4 hours and then changing rooms for about ... 1 hour and then walk around and ask if people need help and you're done so yeah." "K thanks jess!" "No problem."  So as I walk away to go behind the counter I bump into someone. "Oh my god I'm so sorry!" "No no don't worry about it... I'm rose" "Ariel" she puts her hand out to shake but I end up hugging her "oh ... Sorry I'm a hugger I'm not about the whole 'hand shaking thing'" "it's fine." "Hey maybe you wanna chill later on?" "Hmmm sure why not!" "K well see you later your on the shelves right?" "Yeah imma be putting the stuff on the shelves" "k well see you byeee" she just laughs and waves. So I go behind the counter and start doing my jooobbb! Then I see that familiar red hair walk through the front door. "MIKEYYYYYYYYY!!!" I scream and jump over the counter and run into him. "Hey babe!" He laughs and spins me arround. "What are you doing here I'm working!!!" "Well maybe I wanted to take you out to lunch." " I wish! I'm hungryyyyyy!" " when aren't you???" He says hen laughs a bit. "Hey! That's not funny!" I say. "Aweh I'm sorry bebeh I looooveee you!" He says and kisses my cheek. "Awwweee someone's blushing!!!" "No I'm not Mikey shut up. -.-" "okay okay yesh! So is that a yes or a no?" "For what?" "Lunch." "Oh. I can't right now I'm still working. But my lunch break is in about *checks time* ... 30 minutes." "Okay then" he says and goes to the back room and takes off his shirt and pants "oh. My god Mikey what are you doing?!?!" I whisper/yell. "I'm changing." He says it so casually like it's nothing. "Into what? Nothing?!?!" "Psh! No! I'm pretty sure they have extra uniforms in here somewhere." He huffs in frustration. "Haha Mikey here I'll be back put this on for now." I say and take off my shirt which just leaves me in my bra and black uniform jeans. I mean the shirt was big on me anyways so why not find one my size right? "Here are the jeans but keep the shirt while I find one that fits me" he walks over to me and says "ya know you look nice without a shirt on" "haha very funny Mikey." *note sarcasm*. Even though he sees me shirt less doesn't mean I'm not insecure... Right? "Ya know ... I can stare at you like this aaallll day." He says and kisses my cheek again. And again. And again. "Mikey stop." I giggle. "Ya know ... We never did go on out little date." He says as I slip a shirt on. "Mikey I have like 10 mire minutes left till lunch behave till then?" "Yeah of course." "Wait quick question. Why did you change into our uniforms???" "So I can stay with you the rest of the day... DUH!" "Whatever let's go" 
She's so beautiful. I love her. But she will never love me the way I wish she would. "Alrighty then! Let's go to work cause if not I'm In trouble because of your pale ass" "haha verry funny!" I say *note sarcasm*. "Fine then let's go." We head behind the counters and I'm so confused. "How do you work this thing?" I say. She sighs. "Oh Mikey. Look just go do this. Put these on there. You see that shelf over there?" "Yes I do" "okay this isn't ganna be hard then. Take this box and start stacking them on that shelf." I just nod my head and take the box and make my way over to the shelf. I start stacking them like she said then all of a sudden they fall on me" (in case you're wondering they were books so it kinda hurt ... Alot) I see her sigh and smack her fore head. She makes her way over to me and puts her hand out. "C'mon ... Get up" I grab her hand and I feel a spark and feel all fuzzy and shit inside ... Yeah I know cliché as fuck but who gives a damn. I know like hell I don't. "Okay... It's finally my lunch break let's go change." So we head back and change and go to eat food :D! "K well you can leave now I gatta go back to work love you chiko." "Love you too babe." I say and kiss her cheek. 

A/N well this is a chapter idk if you guys like it or nowt but yeah bye I love you all. Peace out Girl Scout and fair winds

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