Bestfriends(Louis T. &Michael C. Fanfic)

Hello my name is Ariel Gonzales. Me and my bestfriend live together and have the craziest memories bestfriends since birth so pretty much sisters xD. Anywho we are obsessed with the same things like :
•the vamps
•little mix
•5seconds of summer
•Bruno Mars
•Ed Sheran
•Justin Bieber
•and a lot more
So yeah we do everything thing ether she knows how much I hate one direction because so does she :D yay! Well yeah Ahha we both have a secret that nobody knows about our parents do because they had to go through this too. Theirs are gone but they said that ours are never ganna leave ): sad face well yeah um ... That's all for now bye!!!��

(I don't hate one direction I love them so plz don't hate me >.< Ahha well yeah this is a 1D and 5SOS fanfic goodbye my little penguins��


16. idk im just really bored...

whuddup ppl idk im updating bc im bored and have nothing to do at all. so yeah and I kinda have an idea of what imma write next :D



"Michael just relax its fine. I'm pretty sure she's going to like it." "but Ashton!!!" i whine I just keep telling him that she might not like it. "fine here i'll pretend to be her"  "ugh okay." ashton clears his throat and with a very high pitch girly voice says. "Hi I'm Ariel. tehehe" "I shton that's not how she sounds you looser... your no help ashton" I whine. "well how am I supposed to do just stand there and look sexy? ... not that I'm no already ha." "yes just stand there." "okay" he stands there and I just laugh. "hey! why ar eyou laughing ;lyour the one that told me to stand like this!!!" "I don't know you just look so funny just standing there like that XD" "what ever I'm ganna call calum to help you with this"

"okay so you want to ask Arri to go with you on a date like shit right???" "yeah I do." "okay then. how about this... in a couple of days we can go to Burrinjuck Waters and I can talk to the boys and Eilly and Alex to say abandon you guys so that you can make it like a little date and we'll tell you guys we'll be right back and we never come back and we leave you guys here and you two walk home together and you walk her to her hose and kiss her and then fuck her till she cant feel her legs haha cx. wow. that escalated quickly haha." "oh my god sounds like a great idea but the last part is ganna be kind of awkward" "alright, alright not the last part then." "okay" "okey dokey!!!"


I got a call and just answered it because I don't really care who it was rightr now I was too tired. "hello this is jim's whore house you got the dough we got the hoe. how may I help you?" all I heard on the other end was his beautiful laugh. his angelic contagious laugh. its beautiful. call me a dumbass for thinking that but I don't care. "well anyways you looser what do you want." "well first of all that was extremely weird and two um .. are you alone???" "ye ye im alone Arri Went to the store with alex because she ate all the food. Whats up ash?" "um we arranged a date ... for Arri and Michael" I squealed with excitement. "wait what do yo umean by 'we'?" "oh me cal mike and lil lukester" "oooooohhh okay so what is it." "well ..." he tells me the idea and I say "ash that's perfect" "oh my god." I say as I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. "what whats wrong" he said in a rush. "n-nothing everything is fine im alright" I felt the sharp pain again but I ignored it again "Well I gatta go ash I think Kermit is calling me" "Kermit???" "my dog member? he was like inlove with you ha." "oh yeah well then ill let you go bye" "bye ash love you" "love you too bye" I felt the sharp pain again once more but it was much worse." I decided to call Alex and Arriel. *rings* "cmon ... cmon cmon cmon pick up please." I sigh out of frustration. I already tried to call both their phones. "whats happed... they always pick up their phones when I call." I kept thinking. "UGH! of course their asses would take a dead phone with absolutely no battery percentage with them" I remembered that in the morning they were looking for the charger like crazy saying their phones were on 2% and 5%. It kept hurting and shooting pain through me. "It hurts so bad I cant breathe" I say as if anyone could hear me. and I was gasping and choking for air the pain making it hurt so bad I cant breathe. "Alex? Ariel? Help." I say right before I blacked out.


A/N: hey people idk what you guys are ganna think of this chapter... I'm debating on weather or not to make the whole date shit on the next chapter or not idk so yeah. I hope you wonderful people are having a wonderful day! Peace out girl scouts and fairwinds! :D

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