Bestfriends(Louis T. &Michael C. Fanfic)

Hello my name is Ariel Gonzales. Me and my bestfriend live together and have the craziest memories bestfriends since birth so pretty much sisters xD. Anywho we are obsessed with the same things like :
•the vamps
•little mix
•5seconds of summer
•Bruno Mars
•Ed Sheran
•Justin Bieber
•and a lot more
So yeah we do everything thing ether she knows how much I hate one direction because so does she :D yay! Well yeah Ahha we both have a secret that nobody knows about our parents do because they had to go through this too. Theirs are gone but they said that ours are never ganna leave ): sad face well yeah um ... That's all for now bye!!!��

(I don't hate one direction I love them so plz don't hate me >.< Ahha well yeah this is a 1D and 5SOS fanfic goodbye my little penguins��


10. heights



I wake up like at 12:30 and go downstairs to eat something. When I enter the kitchen I see Alex and eilly sitting while eating a banana. Ew. Gross. I scrunch my nose when I look at them. "Arri I swear your like the only vegitarian who doesn't like bananas" "WHAT?! He smell gives me a headache and the texture is BLEAH! Disgusting." Once I say that they get up and smirk evily. I know what that means. ... RUN ARRI RUN YOUR TINY LITTLE LEGS TO YOUR ROOM CHIKA!!! YOU CAN MAKE IT!!! GOOOOOOOO!!!! CURSE YOU 20 STAIRS!!!! I FINALY make it to my room and quickly lock the door. I go over to my speaker and start playing "teenage dirtbag" by wheatus

Her name is Noel I have a dream about her

she rings my bell got gym class in half an hour

oh how she rocks in keds and tube socks...

But she doesn't know who I am..

And she doesn't give a damn about me ...

Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby

yeah I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby

listen to iron maiden baby with me ...

Oooooooooohhh ....

Her boyfriends a dick ...

Yeah he brings a gun to school

and he'd simply kick my ass if he knew the truth

he lives on my block and drives an iroc

and he doesn't know who I am ...

And he doesn't give a damn about me ...

Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby

yeah I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby

listen to iron maiden baby with me ...

Ooooooohhhhhh ...

Oh yeah! Dirtbag!...

No She doesn't know what she's missing!

... Oooohhhh yeah! Dirtbag!

No she doesn't know what she's missing.

Man I feel like mold ... It's prom night and i am lonely

lo and behold she's walking over to me

this must be fake my lip starts to shake ...

how does she know who I am?

And why does she give a damn about me?

I've got two tickets to iron maiden baby

yeah come with me Friday don't say maybe

I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby like you ...

Ooooooohhhhh ....

Oh yeah! Dirtbag!

No she doesn't know what she's missing...

Oh yeahhhh! Dirtbag! ...

No she doesn't know what she's missing yeaahh oh oh

~end of song~

I hear screaming and I see ash with eilly thrown on his shoulder

"I KNOW YOU GUYS WANNA FUCK BUT PLEASE NOT HE-" I got cut off by Mikey throwing me over his shoulder and smacks my ass and I start squirming and grip onto his shirt trying to not fall ... I look down and start to get scared. We're going down the stairs ... "Mikey ..." I say my voice shaky... "Michael please put me down" "no can do arri" he laughs a little bit like it's no big deal "MICHAEL FUCKING GORDON CLIFFORD PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW "" Eilly says while she's still on Ashton's back. "Seriously dude put her down mike she's scared." Ashton said. He FINALY sets me down and I immediately grab onto the railings and start walking down shakily I only walk a little bit. Eilly comes running to me and helps me get downstairs (ashton put her down) and tries to calm me down. I grip onto her shirt. "Shhhhh it's okay your on the ground your okay baby girl. Shhhhshshshsh..." She tries calming me down and I finaly make it down stairs and sit on the couch. "Hey you okay arri?" Ash asks. "Yeah I think so" he hugs me and says. "No your not arri your shaking ... A lot ..." I let out a shaky breath... "your fine ... your safe don't worry arri" "*takes deep breath* your right it just cought me off guard that's all I'm not that that scared I was that scared bc I was at the top of the stairs and it makes it higher and yeah... sorry if I made you feel bad mikey." "its okay I guess I still feel bad but I guess I don't feel as bad."

A/N hey if you already read this chapter then you might have noticed I changed it a bit bc I thought it was bad and would be better like this sorry if you liked it before and not now. :C

... but I still love you all

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