Bestfriends(Louis T. &Michael C. Fanfic)

Hello my name is Ariel Gonzales. Me and my bestfriend live together and have the craziest memories bestfriends since birth so pretty much sisters xD. Anywho we are obsessed with the same things like :
•the vamps
•little mix
•5seconds of summer
•Bruno Mars
•Ed Sheran
•Justin Bieber
•and a lot more
So yeah we do everything thing ether she knows how much I hate one direction because so does she :D yay! Well yeah Ahha we both have a secret that nobody knows about our parents do because they had to go through this too. Theirs are gone but they said that ours are never ganna leave ): sad face well yeah um ... That's all for now bye!!!��

(I don't hate one direction I love them so plz don't hate me >.< Ahha well yeah this is a 1D and 5SOS fanfic goodbye my little penguins��


6. airport.


"It says ..." I got interrupted by a phone call. "Aye Ari who is it?" "I don't know Liz it's a blocked number" "well check it" "kk" I answer it "I will find you Ariel" and with that I fell to my knees they hung up "Ari? What's wrong? Your fucking scaring me I swear WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!" "It's him" "oh my god" she muttered under her breath"what did he say?" "We need to leave" "please tell me your kidding" "I'm not and this one is worse ..." "What is it?" "We have to talk to mum and dad so that they know we need to start packing again." "What no we can't" "yes we have to Liz it's too dangerous for us here he's back" "let's just go back and talk to them see what they say"

We head home and we call our parents and tell them it's an emergency

"Okay were here" "mum dad I got a call ... From ... Him..." They gasp "what did he say honey?" Dad said "he's here ... And he's coming for us" "get packing kids" Liz's parents said "but mum I don't want to!" Liz said "her dad stood up and put a hand on her shoulder "sweetie you have to and take Alex with you" she sighs deeply"really do I have to?" "Now." "Why?!"

"Because I said so.


If you don't, I will send you there with nothing







What? You will? Oh... Okay."

"Yes mum I will c'mon Ari let's go pack well call Alex in a bit mum" "I'll call him don't worry Liz" "kk thx Ari" so I call him (because he's just like us and he's like family to us) and tell him the plan and he gets here in less than an hour because his one of his powers is super speed "lucky ass" I mutter when he walks I'm my room. "MUM DAD SHE CALLED ME AN ASS!!!" You see my parents are like his own and he is like the son they never had ... And Liz too my family Alex's family and Liz's family are like one whole family. "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT CALLING HIM AN ASS ARI?!?!" "SORRY MUM I LOVE YOU!!!" "Kiss ass" Alex said "at least I ain't a snitch like you" "psh! Water bugs! Your just jealous because I'm fabulousness *flips invisible long hair*" "yeah yeah yeah go water bug yo ass later but rn come help" He helps us finish packing and were done "okay kids you leave tomorrow at 1:30" "in the afternoon?" Liz asks "no. The morning" "that's sarcasm right?" Me and Alex say "no it's not we just have 5hours together" she sighs and we all see our parents start to cry so so do we were very sentimental we cry when other people cry. So it was very emotional(oh look my eyes and tips turned blue my sentimental side coming out yay! Note sarcasm) "c'mere kids" we all group hug we had all our stuff packed and all "mum please don't cry we'll call you I promise" I wipe away her tears "I know kids but we all love you kids so much it's ganna be hard with you not here"

~skip to 1:30~

"Be good kids" "yes mum we love you" we all say in sync we bored the plane "well here we come Australia goodbye Doncaster" I whisper as I turn around and a tear slips from my eye I whipe it away quickly. I've pretty much lived in Doncaster my whole life (except for that 1year we had to move to the U.S. To escape him.

~skip plane ride~


*sighs* ugh nothing happens here it's so boring! "You guys let's go adventure!!!" "Shut up Michael! Were watching a movie" "yeah the one that we watch all the time" I mutter "well imma go adventure." "K bye" so I go to maccas and eat and start walking around I ended up going to the airport for some reason I don't know (how did I get here again?) well I did want an adventure :D "um excuse me. Sorry agh! Move sorry excuse me." I keep saying I don't know why I'm doing this but oh well.


"Hey isn't that the guy from 5seconds of summer?"i nudge Ari point to Michael. "Oh. My. FRIKENG. GAHD." "*sings* CONCEAL DONT FEEL!!! KEEP THE FANGIRL IN YOU KNOW I DONT WANT YOU SCREAMING IN MY EAR ARI!!!" I say as I cover my ears "FUCKING ALEX!!!" She whisper/screams in my ear "he FRIKEN turned to look at me you dumbass why did you have to say that?!?!"


"*sings* CONCEAL DONT FEEL!!! KEEP THE FANGIRL IN YOU KNOW I DONT WANT YOU SCREAMING IN MY EAR ARI!!!" I hear and turn around and see a guy with two girls one with purple tips and one with blue. The one that punched him is the one with the purple tips ... Are the two girls twins? Nope nevermind but the one with purple tips caught my attention more. She must be a fan considering she looks embarrassed. I walk to her

ARIEL'S POV: He's walking over here. Conceal don't feel don't feel!!! "Alex water bottle now." He hands me a water bottle and I splash Liz bc she looks like she's bout to explode "what.the.hell.ari?!?!" "Shush child your bout to die I know it calm down!" "Uh hey guys stop arguing he's coming closer" "STAY OUT OF THUS ALEX!" We both scream at the same time "yeash! Sorry!" He puts his hands up in surrender "good boy" I say and ruffle his hair"HEY! Don't do that it took me like an hour to do my hair!" "You and your damn hair I swear!!!" "Well sorry! Not my fault I'm not born with naturally perfect hair like you guys!" "Whaterbugs!!! Your just jelous bc I'm fabulous!" "Yes bc I TOTALY want to be a girl" "you should it's funner bc I have luscious hurrr!" *flips hair* it's moments like these I love with all our sarcasm and all yeah were like brother and sister. Liz smacks the back of our heads and scolds us. "Sorry mum" we both say at the same time "hush child" "*awkwardly coughs* um hi?" Oh my god he's here I turn around and he's standing there "uh.. Sorry bout that... Um... I'm Ari" I say and hug him. I'm guessing I caught him off guard considering he almost fell but caught himself before it happened "sorry I'm a hugger" "it's fine I'm Michael" "yeah I know" "I'm Liz" she's a hugger too "and I'm Alex sup man" they 'bro hug' so me nd Liz mock them and they laugh "yeah were all hugger a sorry bout that Mikey" "it's fine especially from a beautiful girl like you" he says and I blush "AWEEE!!! ARI'S BLUSHING!!!" Alex and Liz say and punch both my cheeks as I swat them away! "Shoo flys *swat swat* you guys are annoying" "I'm I'm sorry um do you know where this is?*insert random address*" "uh huh. So your the new neighbors?" "I guess. Yeah" "cool um ... Are we ganna go or what?" I say because he was just staring at me "huh yeah yeah uh um uh yeah let's go" "what were you staring at anyways?" "You. Your so beautiful" I blush even harder than before. Liz whispers to me "I thought you wouldn't contain the fangirl in*giggles* I guess I owe Alex 50 bucks worth of Starbucks" "YOU GUYS BET ON ME?!?!" Michael turned around and gave me a questioning look and Alex explained to him the thing and a bunch of other embarrassing things about me "and she always fangirls over you I swear she's like *insert girly voice* he's so freaking gorgeous I swear! And she has a bunch of posters like she made sure she didn't leave 1 like he LITTERALLY checked the freaking whole entire house!!! I swear this girl drools over you it's so funny like almost all her pictures are of you and the band but mostly you of course and let me tell you she is such a girl she stalks you 24/7 like she watches all your videos stalks your Instagram Twitter and all that ... Don't even get me STARTED on the tumblr stuff and the fanfics oh my god! She has so many apps! But like sometimes It's so awkward like she comes up to me and would show me a part and says *insert girly voice again* oh my gahd! Imagine this was me I swear this would be so friken amazing I would die ... and let me tell you that's not the best part of this the best part is they are like very sexu-" I cover his mouth and say "okay that's enough sugar for you! I think that's enough Alex" I say COMPLETELY embarrassed and feel my cheeks heat up and my tips turn pink but my eyes still purple (good thing he doesn't notice) "no no no it's fine please continue Alex" Michael says and smirks "no no no. No need to continue ... don't continue Alex" I gave him a death glare and punch and push him ahead of us and starts talking to Liz "soooo do you really do that?" I don't even say anything I just blush deeper and look at my my feet and nod he lifts my face up with his fingers and looks me in the eyes "you have nice eyes" he blurts out "uhhhh... Thanks?" "Are they naturally like that?" "Yeah all of ours are actually" "cool I wish I had your eyes" "why? I want your eyes. I always like to look at them in pictures bc I think they're beautiful ... Nicer than mine I mean I know purples my all time favorite color but I would like to have your eyes they're gorgeous." I say and it's his turn to blush "thanks ... Um your really pretty ummm yeah do you like want to hang out later when you finish packing or something? You know if you want to I mean I would want to but I don't know you could meet the others if you want and maybe you know just-" I cut hi. Off by saying "are you Michael Gordon Clifford asking me out on a date?" He blushes deeper and rubs the back of his neck nervously"Yeah ..." "Then I would love to" and kiss his cheek. He let's out a sigh of relief and we catch up to them.


Hellooooo penguiiinnnsss!!!🐧well first of all sorry for the looongggg wait but hey! It was worth it lol cx and I will update weekly (all chapters un-edited btw don't kill me) anyways I might not update again till 2 weeks k? Well I love you all byyeeee!💋 OMFG ITS MY BIRTHDAY 2DAY!!! I'm 15 YAY!!! One year closer to my death!!! Lol anyways this was an update lol cx

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