The English Teacher


1. Introduction



Due to my current disability, I am unable to attend any English courses for six months. In my place I am having my son fill in for me as he wants to be an English professor in the upcoming years. He is only twenty-one so I advise you to be mature and to not disappoint me.

I will see you in six months.

Des Styles

My phone vibrated on my nightstand. I groaned before rolling back onto my side and closing my eyes again. Last time I checked it was 9pm, but that would have been at least an hour ago. I spent five minutes staring at the wall before curiosity got the better of me and I grabbed my phone, unlocking it quickly. I rolled my eyes as it was an email and not a text message. I was hoping it was Sarah, messaging me saying she was going to be at her boyfriends frat house tonight and not in our dorm. I looked over at her bed, it looked as though it had never been touched, which was, for the most part true, Sarah had only slept in it a few times.

I opened up Gmail, I had one unread email. It was from my English professor, a very cranky old man, I read it quickly, taking in the important details. After I finished reading it I mentally slapped myself. His son would probably be even more of an asshole than he would is. I rolled back over and went back to sleep, wondering how his son would be tomorrow in class.

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