Crystal is a 18 year old girl, trying to get through life, but its being ruined by her father. All she has is her friend Adora.
When they herd O2L was coming to Toronto for the Digitour, they jumped to get tickets.
Then her dad snapped. Could this change her life for the worse? Or the better. Either way, Crystals life will be changed, forever.

Jc Caylen: "It was your first... and your last."


17. Red Cup

I've been sitting in my room doing nothing for pretty much the whole day. Checking Twitter, scrolling through Tumblr, posting a few selfies on Insta here and there, and watching a few videos on Youtube. I watched one of the boy's vlog thing about the Digitour. He pretty much summed up the tour, then showed little clips of fans yelling "this place is louder then this place!". I saw myself a few times in the video. When I scrolled down to the comments, I stopped, potentially saving myself from any hate. However, curiosity took over and I decided to keep scrolling. I didn’t see many comments about me, but the ones I did were not very kind. Things like "Who's that bitch?" or "Whoever that girl is, BACK OFF". These kinds of comments lowered my surprisingly high, self-esteem. But when I searched through the comments, I saw some really nice ones that made me smile like "Does someone have a girlfriend? :D" or "That girl is really pretty!". In the end, I had a really nice fuzzy, warm feeling inside me. I eventually forgot about all the jealous bitches that want to be me.

As I was scrolling through Tumblr one last time, I get a nock at my bedroom door. Right now I'm wrapped inside my blankets on my bed, A.K.A my "unsocial burrito". A week ago I would probably have ran around, trying to get myself to look presentable. But now, eff it.

"Come in!" I say, not moving from my cocoon of warmth.

The door slowly opens and Jc pops his head in, before walking in completely.

"I see you have progressed with your day." He says laughing.

"Yes. I have moved from the couch downstairs to my bed. Its quite an accomplishment for me." I say looking up from my laptop.

"You need a badge! A trophy of some sort! Maybe even a prise!" he says sitting beside me on my bed. I giggle and look back at my laptop.

"So, I was talking to Dom, I'm guessing you know him?" He asks. I smile at the thought of meeting him. Dom is one of their friends that I see in a lot of there videos. I nod and let him continue.

"Well, he invited all of us to a party he's throwing tonight at 8:30. I was wondering it you would like to go!" he said, pushing a strand of hair out of my face, as I looked back at him.

"Sound's like fun." Not.

"You don’t sound very excited." He says, slightly grinning.

"Its just… I never really have been to a party. I was never in the popular 'crew'" I say shyly.

"Well, neither was I really… I haven't been to very many parties either… but this can be your first! You'll be just fine! And I'll be there with you! I'm sure you'll have loads of fun!"

I look at him for a few seconds, unsure of what to say. I should try. If I don’t, I could really miss out. What bad could it do?

"Well, ok. Ill come."


~A few hours later~


Finally after scrambling to get ready, I was done. I now stood in front of the mirror, looking myself up and down. This is the one time I think I have ever actually looked good. I was wearing a short ruffled turquoise dress with my favourite sandals. My blond hair fell down in beach waves, and I wore just a little bit of eyeliner and mascara. I smiled at myself in the mirror, then walked out of my room to the kitchen.

Jc, who looked like he as about to say something, stopped in his tracks.

"Wow Crystal. You look beautiful!" he said, then walked to me and gave me a peck on the lips.

"Awwwwn thanks! And you don’t look to bad yourself." I say looking up and down him. We both chuckle and then Ricky and Kian walked down the stairs.

"Lets goooo!" Kian yells and we step out the door.


After a few minutes of blasting music in Kian's car, we back into Dom's driveway. Cars are lined all the way down the street, and I can here loud music blasting. I really do feel bad for the neighbours. Or even the neighbourhood.

I step out of the car and sigh. I'm having second thoughts about coming. I am not much of a partier, I don’t like loud music, (it gives me a headache) and I don’t necessarily like people…

"You'll have lots of fun, babe." Jc says walking behind me, tangling his hand in mine. Obviously he knows I'm nervous.

"Ok." I say and we walk into the raging house.

As soon as I step foot into the house, a red cup is shoved in my face.

"Have, haha, have a drink!" A girl around 18 says, slurring and giggling.

"Ummm.. thanks." I say taking the cup in my hand, shifting uncomfortably.

"Hey! Loosen up a bit girl!" The teen says then laughs and walks away. I look around and behind me and see Jc nowhere. So much for being there with me. Its ok. I know he's just with friends, having a good time. Maybe that girl was right. I should loosen up. I can either stand here awkwardly, or have a good time. With that, I chug down the strong smelling liquid in the cup.

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