Crystal is a 18 year old girl, trying to get through life, but its being ruined by her father. All she has is her friend Adora.
When they herd O2L was coming to Toronto for the Digitour, they jumped to get tickets.
Then her dad snapped. Could this change her life for the worse? Or the better. Either way, Crystals life will be changed, forever.

Jc Caylen: "It was your first... and your last."


18. Headache

Crystals P.O.V


I feel sharp, on-going pain in my forehead. I open my eyes, and the light coming from the window blinds them, making the pain in my head even worse.

What happened last night? Did I really get that wasted? I think hard, but I cant receive any memories. Until it hits me. A memory from the very back of my mind comes to me. I fucking kissed Kian. Oh my god. I tried to have… sex! All of my episode from last night, when we got home, came to me. Jc was just trying to fricken help me and I fought him! I'm so fucking stupid! And then after I fought with Jc, I went to Kian… Fuck! I cheated on Jc! What is wrong with me!

I feel my cheeks become wet with my tears and I breath heavily, which makes the headache unbearable.

I just lay there, in my tears. I try to make as little noise as possible but its hard. I love Jc, and he's probably pissed!

My bedroom door slowly creeks open and I hear footsteps behind me, walk to the side of the bed. Whoever it is, pulls up the covers and slides onto the bed beside me. Shit. Its probably Jc.

"What's wrong beautiful? Is it the headache?" he says as he hugs me and rolls me over so that I face him. He has a very concerned expression on his face. I look at him strait in the eyes as he wipes away the tears on my cheeks.

Should I tell him? Maybe he doesn’t know… Forget it. I need to tell him, or I'll be a wreak all day.

"No, well yes but, I-I-I kissed…Kian!" I say, not exactly yelling but raising my voice. He is going to hate me.

Tears stream down my face again, and I choke on breathes. The next thing he does surprises me. He hugs me tighter, putting my head on his chest. He puts his chin on the top of my head.

"I know." He sighs in a whisper, and lets out a sad smile. He knows?!?!?

"Y-you do?" I say surprised. "Why don’t you hate me? I-I hate myself for doing it." I say, looking down.

He chuckles a bit.

"It was just a kiss Crystal" he says grinning.

"But-b-but it wasn’t just a…"

"I know, it wasn’t just a peck, but you were drunk, reeeaally drunk."

"I'm so sorry Jc" I say and hug him tight.

"Its ok. Just next time, don’t drink so much, ok?"

"Ok. I just got a little carried away." I say in a whisper, but slightly grinning.

"The heck you did! On the way home, you were talking about how we could go to the moon. And that you were going to dye your hair rainbow." he says laughing.

I laugh too.

"R-Really?!" I say laughing more, then quickly stopping because of the pounding pain in my head. I flinch and squint my eyes.

"Ouch. Headache?" he says making a face.

I nod, hoping that it would hurt less if I do.

"Let me go get some meds. And maybe some water?"

"Yes please." I say in a whisper, closing my eyes, that seem that they might explode.

"And I'll bring a bucket just in case you know…"

I crinkle my nose at the thought, but nod anyway.

"Ok, be back in a sec." He says getting out of my bed, then kissing my forehead.

I relax with a big sigh. How did he forgive me that easy? And quick? I'm kinda glad, I'm guessing Kian, told him. The guilt would eat me alive. I don’t think you know this, but I suck at lying, and keeping dumb secrets. When I lie, I smile and giggle, making it obvious.

After a couple minutes of laying in my bed, fighting the war going on in my head, Jc quietly walks through the doorway, with a glass of water and 2 pills in one hand, and a garbage can in the other. I smile gratefully at him.

"Here you go beaut." He whispers. I smile at the little nickname for beautiful.

"Thank you Jc." I say, giving him a sad smile, throwing back the pills, then taking a gulp of water.

"No problamo." He says. I feel a familiar pain behind my eyes. I shut them and sigh. When I open my eyes again I see Jc giving me a sad, concerned, smile. He sighs then kneels beside my bed. He kisses me on the forehead.

"I'm guessing you don't want me here. I'll let you have some rest" he says then gets up and walks toward my door.

"Umm wait Jc, can you stay? Like maybe stay, and, I don’t know, cuddle?" I see him smile big, just like the night at the hotel. The night at the hotel…

"I was hoping you would ask." He says with a sly smile and slips beside me in the bed.   

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