Crystal is a 18 year old girl, trying to get through life, but its being ruined by her father. All she has is her friend Adora.
When they herd O2L was coming to Toronto for the Digitour, they jumped to get tickets.
Then her dad snapped. Could this change her life for the worse? Or the better. Either way, Crystals life will be changed, forever.

Jc Caylen: "It was your first... and your last."


12. Explosion

Crystal's P.O.V


"Everyone get up! We're here!" a voice says. I sit up and see that its David yelling. "I hate you" is the first thing that pops into my mind when I see him. Obviously "F**K YOU" is a close second. I roll out of bed and into the bathroom, without David seeing me. The guys said we will be staying in a hotel for the next 3 days for DigiFest Vancouver. Then, we're off to California! The guys just recently bought a new house, so they have a lot of unpacking to do.

After I brush my hair and teeth, put on a bit of makeup, I walk out to see the boys on there phones.

"Really? We just finished our 39 hour drive and you guys stay in the bus, on your phones?! You need to do something." I say.

"Ok mom…" I hear Ricky murmuring.

"EH! Its what's best, Richard!" I say, looking at him, grinning.

"OK!" He says turning it off and putting it in his pocket. The rest of the guys do the same and begin to grab there bags.

"Thank you!" I say smiling. David awkwardly stands by the steering wheel pretending he doesn’t see me. I'm going to wait to be alone to talk to him, but still have Jc for backup.

Once all the guys are out of the bus, I wave over Jc.

"I'm going to talk to him." I whisper to him in the bus hallway. David is standing around on his phone so he isn't listening.

"Ok, but make sure it doesn’t get to out of hand." He replies. I give him a slight smile and nod, then I start towards him.

"Hey, David." I say. He looks up from his phone.

"Yes?" he says and right when he finishes I slap him hard across the face.

"What the hell?!" he looks me in the eyes and then notices its me.

"Hey." I say with a slight grin on my face.

"Your already taking this to far." Jc whispers in my ear, but chuckles a little afterwards.

"What the hell was that for?!" David says.

"OH! So you really want to know?!" I say raising my voice, pulling away my wrist bands, revealing my scars. "Ok well, there's these. Thanks for not comforting me."

"These!" I say, pulling up my shirt for a split second, showing the bruises.

"Thanks for not protecting me."

"And this. Thanks for shredding it." I say pointing to my heart.

"So, F**K! YOU!" I yell right in his face. A few tears drop from my eyes. Jc stands tense behind me, and probably notices I'm crying, because he walks beside me and holds my hand. I breathe heavily. I probably said all of that in about 5 seconds. David just looks at me. He says nothing, doesn’t move. He just looks at me in the eyes. I don’t know if he's surprised, sorry, or even scared. His emotion is unknown. Before he could do anything else, I quickly let go of Jc's hand, grab 2 of my bags, and run out of the bus, as fast as I could.


Hiya! Sydster here! (Yes. Sydster.)1 chapter out of the 3! Hope you've been enjoying the marathon!



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