Crystal is a 18 year old girl, trying to get through life, but its being ruined by her father. All she has is her friend Adora.
When they herd O2L was coming to Toronto for the Digitour, they jumped to get tickets.
Then her dad snapped. Could this change her life for the worse? Or the better. Either way, Crystals life will be changed, forever.

Jc Caylen: "It was your first... and your last."


10. David

Jc's P.O.V


On the ride back, me and Crystal didn’t really talk. We were still a little a little shaken from what happened last night. My cheek still really hurts, but I don’t tell her. That would just make her feel worse.

"So, when does the DigiTour end?" she finally says, braking the long silence.

"Next week is the last. Then we go right back to sunny California!" I say. (Don’t think Vancouver was the last city, sorry)

"Good. I don’t want to be interfering too much."

"Oh, nooo, your not interfering! I was the one who invited you."

"Ok. Oh ya. I was thinking… Ricky doesn’t like me, does he?"

"Oh, you saw that? *sigh* Sorry, he just wasn’t sure about you moving in. He thought you would be some crazy fan, and you lied about your dad. And I know you aren't lying." I say frowning.

"Hey, lets see a smile! It's over with now, and hopefully we will never see that horrid man again!"

"Ok." I say smiling at her, like she did last night. Big and silly. We both laugh for a minute, until we arrive beside the tour bus.

"Thank you so much Jc. For all you've done. You have saved me from so much pain" she says hugging me.

"A young girl should not be experiencing pain." I say, looking into her eyes. Someone help me! I'm getting lost in her eyes again! For a second I thought she would kiss me, but the moment is interrupted.

"WATCHA DOIN GUYS?" Sam yells from outside the parked car's window. Thanks Sam. I really appreciate it.

"We're talking! Is that a bad thing?" Crystal says letting go of the hug, rolling down the car window.

"No! No. Talk away!" Sam replies, with a smirk on his face.

I roll my eyes and we get out of the car.

As we walk into the bus, everyone stops and looks at us, huge grins spread across their faces. Even Adora.

"Gone for a while there Jc…" Kian says looking to me, then Crystal.

"Ya, a whole night…." Trevor says from beside us.

I don’t know what to say. Nothing really happened last night, but I just cant get my brain to think.

"Ya, a WHOLE night of packing." Crystal says, then walks toward Adora.

Once they're involved in their own conversation, I start to talk to the guys.

"REALLY GUYS?!" I say in a harsh tone.

"What happened?" Conner says grinning.

"Nothing! We packed, watched a movie, then slept. Seriously guys, stop."

"You like her, don’t you?" Kian says poking me like a little child.

"Ok, yes, I do. A lot. But please, don’t bother me about it! And Sam, don’t do that again."

"Fine." He says laughing a bit.

"Dude, seriously, what happened? You got a bruise on your face!" Trevor says.

"Oh, umm, little trouble at Crystals house. I'd rather not talk  about it."

"How you gonna cover it? The fans can't see it, or they might get the wrong impression."

"I got an idea." Kian says, looking through a bag.

"That’s a first…" Sam says. Kian rolls his eyes, then says

"Here!" He hands me a band-aid.

"Really?" I say, giving him a look.

"Ya! Just say Wishbone scratched you or something."

"Ok. I guess it'll work." I say. I walk to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and put the band-aid over the bruise.

"Good!" I say walking out of the washroom. I hope I don’t look to stupid…

(To anyone who is reading this who follows Jc on Instagram or Twitter- Remember the mysterious band-aid he had on his cheek in some of his pictures? Yup, that’s why he wore it. Totally. :D)

Then our bus driver David walks into the bus. He's 19. Really young for a bus driver. I don’t know how far this career will get him in life. Oh well.

"Ok! Where leaving. Get ready for a lonnnngg ride." He says as he walks toward the  steering wheel. I see Adora and Crystal crying and hugging.

"Text me! Call me! Facetime me! Everything!!!! I will miss you sooooo much! I love ya bae!" Adora says slowly walking towards the bus door.

"I will miss you too!" Crystal replies.

"Bye!" all of us said as she walked to her car.


One last wave and then she's gone, driving away. We close the door and get comfy on the coach or beds. Of coarse, I sit next to Crystal.

"I'm sad!" She says with a pouty face.

"I know. Don’t worry. We'll be able to fly her out to Cali sometime."

Her face lights up suddenly.

"Really!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank! You!" she says hugging me.

"No problem!"

"Oh ya, by the way, love the band-aid." She says trying to hold back laughter.

"Thank you! Trying to set a new style trend!" I say in a higher voice, and she laughs at that. Then she suddenly stops.

"Shhhhhhiiiitttt!!!!!!" she says quietly, ducking behind me.


"That’s, that’s David!!! Oh god, really! Of all the things he could be doing, he just happens to be O2L's FRICKEN BUS DRIVER!" she whispers, moving around, trying to see him better. Great! Just great! We move on with one problem, move to the next!

"*sigh* ok, just, act natural, and laugh, or something." I say to her, so she does. Pretty convincing. So I laugh too. I think it worked. Wait. Why is she scared of him? He's the one who left her.

"Wait! Why are you scared of him? You should go give him shit about leaving you!" I say to her, after our show.

"You know? Your right! I'll talk to him later, when he notices me! Ya! But uhhh, can you come?"

"Fine." I say rolling my eyes. "But I don’t want a fight! Ok?"

"Ok, no fight. That’s a shame. You could throw him of the bus if you did!" She said, making me laugh. Kian and Trevor, who probably heard what we were saying, were now looking at us.

"Don’t judge!" Crystal says to them, and they look away. That’s what I like about her. She's confident in what she does and says.

"I'm tired. I sleep. Good night!" she says. Then she lays down on her back, puts her head on the armrest, and feet on my thighs.

"Really?!" I say looking down at them.

"Yes. Please? Its comfy!" she whines.

"Fiiiine." I say rolling my eyes.

"Yay! Thank you!"

Now all the guys are looking at me, smiling. Crystal closes her eyes and falls asleep. I've said it once, and I'll say it again. I am in love.


Hey there beautifuls! Sydney here! I'm kinda happy how that band-aid thing tied in. :D

I hope your having a great day! Go have fun now! Get off ya butt and run around a little! Have a great day and stay cloudy!




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