Crystal is a 18 year old girl, trying to get through life, but its being ruined by her father. All she has is her friend Adora.
When they herd O2L was coming to Toronto for the Digitour, they jumped to get tickets.
Then her dad snapped. Could this change her life for the worse? Or the better. Either way, Crystals life will be changed, forever.

Jc Caylen: "It was your first... and your last."


4. Crystal

JC's P.O.V


It's been 10 minutes since I brought the girl to the tour bus and laid her down on my bed. I told the rest of the guys I probably wont be going back on stage. I need to make sure the poor girl is alright. I now know her name because she is wearing a pretty charm bracelet that says Crystal. R.

I'm getting a little nervous because its been 10 minutes and she still hasn't woken up. I don’t know what to do, so I just hold, and rub, her hand lightly to see if it will "comfort" her in any way. I'm pretty sure it isn't doing anything, because she is still knocked out, and her skin is still sickly pale. Now that I think of it, I'm probably doing this more to comfort me then her.

Then she starts to stir. Quickly she opens her eyes sits up, and scans the bus. Then they land on me. Wow. Her eyes. There so blue… and brown….and…. Wait! Snap out of it! You don’t even know this girl!

"Hi!" I say, snapping out of my daze. Really Justin! "Hi"?! This girl has just been unconscious for over 10 minutes and all you say is "Hi"! She puts a hand to her mouth, then quietly whispers "Oh my god". Now I realise I'm still holding her hand. Whatever, I'll keep it there. She likes me, according to the cloud on her wrist. I smile.

"So, Crystal right?" I say looking to her hand with the bracelet. That is also the hand I'm holding. I'm guessing she noticed I was holding her hand because her cheeks suddenly flushed red. That looks so much better then the unsettling pale colour.

"Oh, what? Oh ya, yes. Crystal Rose. Sorry I'm still…a…little…dazed….." she says, her mouth slowly turning into a frown, eyes turning glossy. Then a tear falls from her eye onto her cheek. To that, I stop smiling.

"What's wrong?" I say pulling her into a hug. She sniffles a bit then pulls back and reaches into her bag to get her phone. She taps the screen a few times then says

"H-Here" She hands me the phone and on the screen is her texts from her dad.


Dad:  Hi. I have some news. Your mother has been in an car accident. A BAD one. She… sadly… passed away. Just wanted you to know! Can't wait to see you later tonight! ;)


 I don’t know what to say, so I say nothing. I pull her into a tight hug and we stay like that for what feels like forever.

"I'm so sorry." I say over her shoulder. I can feel moister on my shirt from her tears but I couldn't care less. She just shakes her head.

After another few seconds I pull away slowly.

"Ummm… if you don’t mind me asking, what did your dad mean about the last part?"

Another tear falls from her cheek to the bed sheets. She looks from my eyes to her hands that sit at her lap.

"You can tell me." I say.

"But can I show you?" she says in a whisper. Oh no. I feel my eyes become glossy.

I lightly nod. Slowly she reveals part of her stomached. Colours. Purple, red, pink bruises spread across her side. I lift my hand and lightly skim them. How could anyone be so cruel to such beautiful girl like her.     

Hey there! Sydney here! I hope you like my new Fanfic! Don't worry, I'm not stopping "My savours", I just really wanted to write this! I would really appreciate if you guys and girls would like, comment, and favourite! And maybe if you like both my fanfics,you could become a fan! Thanks for reading!


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