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Have you ever wanted a completely inexperienced writer in the terms of college degrees and has only written on a writing website and read the stories to her pet cat to review your fantastic stories? Well now you can! I have finally decided to make a movella for Book Reviews! This is both for real books and for your movellas so fill out the form below and I will get to you ASAP!


9. Will, Won't & Willingly by Nolan




          I'm going to be honest, when I first was given the opportunity to review a Marvel fanfiction, I wasn't too excited. Many authors have not been able to properly transfer material that has already been turned into a movie many times into it's reading format back again. Nobody really knows why it is that way, but it just happens a lot.

         But I was happily surprised to find that "Will, Won't & Willingly" was not like all the others. The story was very mysterious so far and the intro into the story was very creative with the definitions of the three W's catching my attention. 

         Unfortunately, the one thing that was negative, was the repeated context. I felt like the first three actual narrative chapters were all rhetorically explaining the same thing repeatedly. That the responsibility the protagonist has been given could be deadly, that they could die if they were caught, and that they are just tired. For example, the two things you constantly talked about were the character's glasses getting wet and their cold feet. Maybe mention some other part of the character to describe the rain around them. (Wet clothes, hair, and freezing)

​         I do understand that this repeated language might've been implied thoughts on the protagonist's journey, but the story may begin to drag and the reader will begin to get bored. I even had to double-check to see that Chapter 4 and Chapter 6 weren't the same chapter on accident. 

         The biggest thing you can do to change this is to use different language to describe what you've gone over in the past, or completely change the thoughts of the character altogether. It's your story so it's up to you.

        Other than that, I thought the story was great!

          The way you used the lyrics to help build the atmosphere of the setting in Chapter 7 was great and really innovative. In fact, that chapter was probably the time when I was most enveloped in the setting that the main character was experiencing and it was very enjoyable for me.

          You had very few grammatical errors. I believe I found one in Chapter Six in the third paragraph (tuned should be turned) and one in the last paragraph in Chapter Seven ( Put saw between "I" and "was" )

          So bravo so far on what you have created. I'm very impressed story wise. Just fix those repeated thoughts and grammar and I'm sure you'll get a perfect rating from me!

​          To anyone else who is reading this by the way, if you like anything Marvel related or even just Action Adventure influenced, then check out "Will, Won't & Willingly" by Nolan!


​I give this movella a rating of

7 Wet Socks Out of 10



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