Book Reviews

Have you ever wanted a completely inexperienced writer in the terms of college degrees and has only written on a writing website and read the stories to her pet cat to review your fantastic stories? Well now you can! I have finally decided to make a movella for Book Reviews! This is both for real books and for your movellas so fill out the form below and I will get to you ASAP!


4. Waiting List

I am changing just a couple things with the Book Reviews.

          1. Since this was about the only week of my entire summer that I wasn't extremely busy, I have decided that I will write 1-3 book reviews every week and have a Movella of the Month instead of Movella of the Week. This will make it both easy for me as a writer and you guys for support on your books.

          2. I am also doing a Waiting List which I will put below and update for every request!




Thanks again you guys for all the support I've gotten so far on this! I can't wait to read all of your books! If you have any other question about the information above or something else related to this movella, please comment below! Thanks! 

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