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Have you ever wanted a completely inexperienced writer in the terms of college degrees and has only written on a writing website and read the stories to her pet cat to review your fantastic stories? Well now you can! I have finally decided to make a movella for Book Reviews! This is both for real books and for your movellas so fill out the form below and I will get to you ASAP!


7. The Other Prophecy Child by littlemissfandoms




          I was so excited to read this book after I found that it was over six hours long. Six hours! So far in my short-lived editing (career?), I have so far not seen a movella that makes you actually feel like your reading a real book!

          To be entirely honest, I haven’t even read it all! I still have yet to read Chapter Eleven and Chapter Twelve! But what I’ve read so far is spectacular. Plus, Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus fanfiction is quite rare. And good Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus fanfiction is even rarer. But you have created something wonderful and I don’t even think I can give you any insight!

          Except for one thing, I know that I always try to make my chapters in my movellas very detailed and long like this so that the reader feels like they just bought my movella from the local Barnes and Nobles and wants to stay up all night reading it; especially in my most recent movella, The Secret of the Founders.

          But, the one thing you have to watch out for is detailing in the wrong places. There are times whenever people want to just go on to the next thing and learn what happens next instead of hearing about the eight-paragraph long backstory of a character we barely know about.

          But other than that, phenomenal work!  What you have done is amazing. And so therefore, I believe it’s time for me to rate your book, “The Other Prophecy Child”.


I give this movella a rating of

9 Tridents out of 10


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