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Have you ever wanted a completely inexperienced writer in the terms of college degrees and has only written on a writing website and read the stories to her pet cat to review your fantastic stories? Well now you can! I have finally decided to make a movella for Book Reviews! This is both for real books and for your movellas so fill out the form below and I will get to you ASAP!


6. I Can't. by MahoganyPumpkin™



          Since this was originally a competition entry, I understand why there isn’t as much detail. But once the contest is over, maybe don’t add another plot twist or anything, but take these little tips in mind.

          I was happily surprised to find out as I read the first chapter of your book that it’s already something that I had read! Just about a week or so ago I had looked through some of TFIOS competition entries just wanting to see how the writing was going and yours was actually one of my favorite ones!

          Once the contest is over though, try to add more detailing. I can’t remember whether this contest had a character/word limit or not, but I suggest adding more description to your movella will make it all the more sad…in a good way though.

          Also, for being a TFIOS fanfiction, you captivated the sadness that Lily had perfectly. But just maybe you could tell your readers what kind of cancer he had. For example, Isaac with his eyes or Augustus with his leg (I hope I got those two right…I read that book almost a year ago so some details are a bit fuzzy)

          Other than that, I can’t give you much more insight since this is a complete book so I can’t give you insight on future chapters. But you did a fantastic job!


I give this movella a rating of

7 Episodes of Friends out of 10


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