Reason For Business

Dustin Parker will do anything for his Mom to save her from Leukemia. But what exactly are his limits. His world changes for him ever since Mr.White his Chemistry teacher offers him a job that will change his whole life But is Dustin willing to accept it?


1. Chapter One

Only ten minutes left in the clock. I could hear  rustling in the back of me. Papers being stuffed into backpacks.I felt the time going so fast. Call me weird but i don't want to leave school. I don't want to leave school. I feel like as soon as i step out of this building all my problems will come rushing in. 

   My nightmare soon soon came and school ended. I went downtown to get my mom's medicine. My mom was diagnosed with leukemia. It's been eating me away ever since we found out. I work but the money goes to the house the water bills electricity etc. My dad well..what can i say? He's a cunt. That bastard left my mom ever since he found out about her sickness. He was useless anyways. His life was made of raping girls and bringing their clothes to our house as trophies. I remember once, i was only nine when he came home one day with a bag of clothes. He hung the clothes by the collar and stared at them. I didn't understand what he was doing or what he was going to do with the clothes. He use to tell me they were mom's clothes but they were to small to be her's. I once took them off because i thought my mom would be looking for them and soon would wonder were the rest of her clothes were. My mom simply grabbed the clothes and pinned them back up and told me "I don't like those clothes. You're daddy can have them," My mom soon found someone else and 4 years later he proposed to her. Two years later when we found out , he got three jobs. One in the morning and two at night. He earns a bit of money but like he says 'Eversmall thing count's,' and well I agree. In the beginning of the year me and my step-dad  made a deal. I paid for rent,water bills,electricity,etc and my dad pays basically her treatments.

   I walked back home and i saw my mom chopping onions and celery. She looked up at me and smiled. She patted her lap in motion of me to sit on her . "Ma I'm way too old for that." I lightly sat on her lap. She rested her head on my back. " You will always be my baby Dustin." I stood up and kissed her forehead. I went upstairs to my room to get ready for work. I worked at a local bakery just down the block.Lacy's bakery. It's kind of like my second home see there's four old ladies who work with me. Man they are the four most happiest old ladies in the whole damn world and i love them. My step-dad makes fun of me because i call them my girlfriends. I soon arrive at the bakery and was greeted by Beatrice. One of my girlfriends. I quickly began to work taking people's orders . When the police came in.

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