KITTEN [h.s]

A story about a human/kitty hybrid experiment that has failed and she is used as a sex slave , doing sexual favors for people for nothing in return. That is , until harry comes in and buys/adopts her and shows her that there is more to love than sex.


1. 1.

Experimental Lab 

Room 518

Dr. Lamoesia

"Wrong ! Wrong ! This is all wrong ! The chemicals are all mixed up ! Mixure AB1 was supposed to mix with AB9 not AD6!" the angry doctor yelled at his assistant for telling the other doctors the wrong equation.

His eyes traveled to the girl lying on the lab table as the transformation slowly stopped only giving the young girl a skin of snake scales . A painful transformation. " Ugh , throw her in with the rest of the failed experiments!"

The other doctors quickly tugged her and put her flailing body in a cage, putting a tag on the cage that said "Experiment 8167" and brought her to the room where the other failed experiments were settled in their cages.

She was set next to a cage that had a girl sleeping in it. Her long black hair covering most of her fave . A set of cat ears on top of her head and her cat tail mindlessly swaying back and forth . Faint purring can be heard from her sleeping body.

"Experiment 0228"



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