The past

Niall tells about his past to an interviewer he talks about a pretty girl he met when he was little her name is Skylar, but does the flashback end bad read to find out


3. the play date

Nialls P.O.V

I hope the school day goes by fast today because I am suppose to play with Skylar. My mom drops me off at school and I walk down the halls to my class. I get to my locker and look in it and see Skylars stuff there already. I walk in the class and hear someone call my name.

"NIALL! " I turn around and see Skylar she was so beautiful.

"Hi Niall can't wait after for school can you. "

"Nope I really want to go to your house now oh and can I call you something els maybe. "

"Like what? "

"Well I was thinking if I can call you Sky. "

"Sure that's fine. "After we talked we had to go to are tables and do work.

Skipping the school

Me and Sky start walking to the pickup were parents come to pick up there kids. Me and Sky waited for her mom. She arrives and says if we are ready to go and we tell her yes. We arrived at Sky's house and went in her room

"Very umm...girly. "

"Yeah what do you expect I am a girl. "Wow that was dumb of me to say that.

"So what do you want to do I have some toys. " I really don't know what to to until her mom comes in

"Kids time for lunch we are having peanut butter and jelly sandwich. " well I do like that well actually I like any food so that's ok especially Nandos.

"Niall you mom called she said she wants you home in one hour. "

"Ok. "Me and Sky walk in her room and we started playing with Legos then a knock on the door.


"OK. Bye Sky see you tomorrow. "

"Well I won't be at school tomorrow sorry Niall. "

"Oh why? "

"I have a doctors appointment. "

"Oh ok well umm... I guess see you soon. "

"Ok see you soon. "Then Sky gets up and kisses my check. Then I left. I can't get the kissing my check out of my mind I am so happy I guess I am showing it.

"Why are you so happy Ni. "My mom calls me Ni it's her nickname for me.

"Oh uh....I uh...had a lot of fun there. "I hope that works.

"Ok Ni well hope we can do it again some time but have her at our house this time. "

"Ok. "

Hey hope you guys like this chapter


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