The past

Niall tells about his past to an interviewer he talks about a pretty girl he met when he was little her name is Skylar, but does the flashback end bad read to find out


4. school by my self

Niall P.O.V

My mom just dropped me off at school, but I wasn't excited for school today. I wanted Sky to be there. I wish she didn't have a doctors appointment. I walked in the school and went to my locker and I looked in and didn't see her book bag of coat. I let out a sigh. I wanted her here

"Are you ok Niall?" The teacher asked.

"Oh uhhh better then ever just excited about school! I lied.

"I see Skylar isn't here."

"She told me she has to go to the doctors."

"Oh ok looks like you'll be by yourself today."

Well she didn't have to rub that in my face. The teacher walked back in the class and I put my book bag in the locker and my coat and went in. The seat next to me was empty. I sighed. Who will I color with now.

"Lunch time!" The teacher said. All the kids ran to their lockers and got there lunch boxes, but me I just walked.

"In a line kids." I hated the line because if you got out of the line you go to the back of the line. I know what you're thinking that that's not a big deal but it is. Why you ask? Oh because all the bad kids are in the back and they always pick on you if you get in the back with them.

"Go find a seat kids." The teacher said. I sat next to my friend Tony. Tonys nice, funny, cool, and always gives me a cookie at lunch.

"Hey Nialler." Tony said

"Hey Tony." I said

"Want a cookie?"

"Umm yeah duh." Tony gave me the cookie but his cookies are not like any other cookies the best part about them is that they're home made.

"Why do you seem sad Niall?"

"I uhh I miss Skylar."

"OHHHH Niall misses a girl, Niall misses a girl!" Yeah that's Tony for ya.

"Shush up Tony."

"Do you wuv her huh Niall?"

"Yes." I can't believe I said that oh no I feel so embarrassed. My face was red.

"Niall and Skylar sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"Will you stop that or I'll eat all your cookies." With that he stopped. After lunch it was time to have free time outside. Me and Tony always played chase. After that it was time to go home.

"Let's go Ni." My mom said. I went in the car and my mom was driving me home.

Sorry I haven't been on or updated in forever I'll keep up now I promise. I forgot my password but I'm glad I got it now. Hope you enjoyed this chapter bye!

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