Will There Be Love

What happens when 6 friends Audrey, Avalon, Immy, Alicia, Kennedy, and Natasha run into 6 viner boys. Will there be love?


4. You saved me

Audrey's P.O.V

I had got on my bike and was about to head to Taco Bell but I got a text from all the girls saying they couldn't go. Immy and Alicia had there new "guy friends". Kennedy had cheerleading camp. Avalon had to watch her little brother and Natasha went to a birthday party. I thought to myself do r while weather I should go or not. Then i was just like of course I'm still going I mean come on it's Taco Bell! That's another little fact about me I love Taco Bell. So I turned on some Bastille, hopped on my bike and went to Taco Bell. When I got there I parked around back then walked in. When I got in taco I ordered, got my food, then sat down. I was eating my food when I looked to the back corner in Taco Bell and when I did my heart was broken. I found my best friend who I have known for years kissing my boyfriend. I couldn't believe it I burst into tears. Then I had to decide wether or not to confront them or not. I decided to. But before I could get up she left. They kissed one last time then she walked out the door. I was still going to confront him I decided but I was nervous I didn't have anyone for back up. He was so nice and cute but he did sometimes abuse me he would hit me and kick me. It always hurt really bad he would only do it when I tried to stand up for something or go against something he said. I was very nervous and scared but I began to walk over to him. He looked at me with a big smile and said hey babe. I stood tall and said why were you kissing my best friend. He said because she's hot and your not. I broke into tears and yelled your a jerk! He then stood up and yelled what did you just say?! I said you are a JERK!! He said laughing a little oh you shouldn't have done that. I started to shake but still stood strong until he shoved me to the ground. He started to kiss me on my lips I tried to get free but he was to strong I slapped him in the head and he stopped. I thought I was safe but he then kicked me I was in tears. No one in Taco Bell would help me. He picked me up and said we are leaving I said NO!! He then raised his hand I braced my self for the impact then I heard I a voice. I turned my head to see Brent Rivera running towards us yelling DONT YOU DARE TOUCH HER!! He had a body guard with him thankfully he then asked the body guard to take my now ex boyfriend away. Brent then ran to me.

Brent's P.O.V

I ran over to the girl who had a bruise on her leg and was crying. I opened my arms and she ran in them. She looked into my eyes and said you saved me! I held her tight while she cried. I saw her phone in her back pocket I took it without her realizing. I opened it and there was a picture of me and other viners I smiled then I put my number in her phone and put it back in her pocket. She stepped back and said thank you she also said that wasn't the first time I saved her from him. She said she would always watch my videos whenever he abused her and they made her laugh. I smiled at her she was very beautiful. I then turned back to the door where her ex boyfriend was with my bodyguard and said Don't you ever come back mmhmm and she laughed then hugged me again. I whipped a year from her eye and she smiled and said thank you. I then asked her of she would like to eat with me she blushed which was really cute and said she would love to. We sat down and talked I found out her name was Audrey she was 15 and she lives here in California. I also found out that we had a lot in common two things are that we both are obsessed with Taco Bell and she can do the mhmm thing to. Every time she would do it I would laugh and she would smile and laugh. Her laugh was so cute! She's perfect I thought to myself.

Audrey's P.O.V

I couldn't believe I was eating lunch with my hero. He was so sweet and caring. His smile made me feel safe. I could have sat there all day and just talked to him. Sadly though he had to leave and go to a meeting. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and left. Right after he left I realized I didn't get his number and would probably never see him again. I got out my phone to text the girls to tell them what happened and I saw Brent's name and number in my phone. I started to smile like a dork.

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