Will There Be Love

What happens when 6 friends Audrey, Avalon, Immy, Alicia, Kennedy, and Natasha run into 6 viner boys. Will there be love?


6. The Present

Natasha's P.O.V

I woke up from my nap the see Audrey in my room. She had a huge smile on her face and was jumping on my bed. I yelled "STOP" she looked at me and started to laugh then I asked how she got into my room and how she knew where I lived?. She looked at me while laughing and said "you really shouldn't take pictures in front of your house" she then showed the pic I posted on Instagram. I quickly deleted it. After she stopped laughing I asked what she was doing here she said "I have a surprise/present for you". I sat up in my bed and looked at her I got excited and asked what is it?! She said "close your eyes and hold out your hands" so I did what she said.

Audrey's P.O.V

I ran over to my bag to get the present. I walked over to Natasha and put it in her hands and said open your eyes! Her facial expression was priceless I laughed so hard!

Natasha's P.O.V

SHE GOT ME A A MAGCON TICKET AND ITS V.I.P!!!!! How did you get this I asked because they were sold out? She said "let's just say a really close friend of mine hooked me up with the tickets *blushes*". What do you mean tickets and why did you blush? Audrey then pulled out another VIP ticket from behind her back and yelled "CAUSE IM GOING WITH YOU!" She continued to say "I already asked your mom and she said ok so we are GOING TO MAGCON!!!!"

I can't believe I got a ticket and It's on my birthday I will be turning 14!!! Audrey then said she had to go and her mom and her will pick me up tomorrow at 8am and for me to be ready. I had said goodbye to Audrey and gave her a hug then she left.

I started to freak out I couldn't believe I was going to meet the boys. I was jumping up and down on my bed when I remembered what Audrey did. I thought to myself I wonder why Audrey blushed when she was talking about the friend that gave her the tickets. I wonder who it is and if there's a little talking going on between them ;).

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