Will There Be Love

What happens when 6 friends Audrey, Avalon, Immy, Alicia, Kennedy, and Natasha run into 6 viner boys. Will there be love?


3. Cameron? Carter?

Immy's P.O.V

I woke up excited because I get to see all the girls again. I understand I just met Audrey and Natasha yesterday but I feel like we have known each other forever. They are all really fun to hang around. I got up and decided to go for a run to get rid of some of the energy. I figured after I finished my run it would be time to head to Taco Bell. So the run would help time go faster. I made a quick fruit smooth for breakfast, told my parents where I was going then out the door I went. I was running to the park first. When I got there I decided to run the little trail they have so I turned on some upbeat tempo music and put my headphones in then ran. I stopped to change the song and I felt someone run into me I fell to the ground. I hit my head pretty hard on the ground and my legs had scratches on them. I quickly turned my head to say something to the person but I didn't as soon as I saw who it was. I look up to see a panicking Cameron Dallas. He saw that my eyes were open then calmed down a little. He then picked me up bridal style and carried me to the closest bench and sat me done. This has to be a dream I thought to my self. He was looking at me kinda wired then shyly looked at the ground then back up at me. He said I am really sorry about that I didn't even see you. I said it's ok then joked saying not a lot of people notice me. He then looked at the ground and said kinda quietly how could there not notice someone so beautiful. I blushed and smiled. I tried to stand up but it didn't work and I started to fall again but two strong arms caught me. I looked up, smiled then said thank you. He smiled and how about I take you to get some food somewhere to repay you for what I did I smiled and said I would love to. He helped me to his car he walked around to the driver side but before he got in he started to take off his shirt I'm guessing to change it because it was really sweaty. Let's just say I didn't mind seeing him with his shirt off. He looked up and say me looking at him he and I both blushed then we got into the car. He started the car and I looked to see what time it was on my phone. It was 12:00. I thought oh crap what am I going to do. I decided to text all the girls and tell them I couldn't come because a very cute boy ran into me and knocked me down so now he's takeing me out to eat repay me. They all texted back aww I just laughed and took that as an ok. I then looked over at at Cameron and then asked where we were going he said to Burger King I laughed and said that sounds perfect. He laughed to. The car ride was pretty quiet but he was resting his hand on my thigh which sent chills throughout my body we he did. Then I realized I had not even told him my name I said oh my name Immy by the way. He said that's a beautiful name. I smile and said thank you. After that we had arrived at Burger King. He was just so cute he got is both crowns and he ordered for both of us. He was doing something to one of the burgers but I couldn't see what so I just let it go. When he sat down he gave me my food then had a sad face because his phone rang again and before either of us could unwrap our burgers he had to leave because of a meeting. I said ok with a sad face before he left he gave me a kiss on the cheek then left. As soon as he left I realized I didn't get his phone number and I don't have a ride home. I sat there in Burger King and thought I was a little sad because I will probably never see him again and I didn't get his number. I decided that I would eat there first then call my mom to come pick me up. I unwrapped the burger and what I saw was amazing. On the wrapper it had his number in the corner I just sat there smiling like a weirdo. I put the number in my phone then threw my trash away and called my mom.

Alicia's P.O.V

I couldn't believe what happened to Immy. That's so romantic and funny. I wish that could happen to me but it never will sadly. I put that thought aside and got dressed. I did my hair and decided to go natural and not wear any make up today. Once I had finished there was still about thirty minutes left till it was time for the Taco Bell meet up so I decided to walk to the park that was about a mile from my house maybe less. I got there and decided to get on the playground. Just because I'm 17 doesn't mean I can't play on a playground. I got on the slide. I looked to the other lane of the slide and there was a boy about my age he said I'll race you I then said bring it on! We both slide off the slides and started to laugh and that's when I got a good look at the boy. Carter? I said quietly hopeing he wouldn't hear but he did he replied yes? I was blushing because I was embarrassed. He then asked if I was ok and if I was a fan. I smiled and said yes to both questions. He started to smile really big. Then he looked away. He looked like he was thinking I asked him if everything was ok he said yes. Then he asked if I would like to go get ice cream I said I would love to with a big smile on my face. On our way there I got out my phone and decided to text the girls and tell them I couldn't come because something came up and as something I mean a boy. They all texted back aww that's sweet and man you and Immy be racking up. I had to laugh a little at that one. We finally made it to the ice cream shop where we both ordered vanilla with sprinkles. Then he asked me if I wanted to go sit down I said ok and we walked over to a bench that was near by and sat down. We talked about a bunch of random things. I couldn't believe how easy he was to talk to. After we had talked, laughed, and smiled a while he asked if I wanted to walk back to the park I said sure. When we got back to the park a mob of fans showed up. I was very nervous and a little scared. Carter saw the I was freaking out and helped me get out of the mob. After he had taken a few pictures and signed something's the crowd left. He then told me he would walk me home. I said thank you while smileing. We were walking down the road with my hand dangling next to my leg. Before I knew it his hand was interlocked with mine. We walked like that the whole time until we got to my front door. He then handed me a note, kissed me on the cheek, winked, and then ran. I opened the note it was his phone number. I started smileing like and idiot. I then walked into my house and up to my room where I continued to smileing.

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