Will There Be Love

What happens when 6 friends Audrey, Avalon, Immy, Alicia, Kennedy, and Natasha run into 6 viner boys. Will there be love?


8. Arriving at Magcon

Natasha's P.O.V

I couldn't believe this! I am on my way to Magcon!!! I looked over at Audrey who was looking out the window with the biggest smile on her face. I looked back down at my phone then heard Audrey shout, "WE ARE HERE"! My mom was looking for a parking spot when Audrey said, "take a left", she had a smirk on her face.

After we had followed the rest of Audrey's directions we were stopped by a huge gate and a guard. He said "this way was only for the boys and there family's and that we had to leave". I gave Audrey a confused look but then car pulled up beside us it had tinted windows and was all black. All of a sudden Audrey jumped out of the car and ran towards the black van. I was about to follow her when my mom grabbed my wrist and said, " Um I don't think so!", then she closed my door and we drove to the front entrance.

Audrey's P.O.V

I jumped out of the car and ran to the van. I turned to see if Natasha was behind me but the car was gone. When I turned back around I was face to face with the guard I quickly ran towards the van but he got me be for I could reach it. I said "please let go of me sir and ill leave", he said "okay and thank you". I turned and started to "walk" away but then I quickly turned and sprinted he started running after me. I was laughing so hard. (the thing the guard doesn't know is that I run track and play soccer). I was dancing a little while I ran I could hear laughter coming from the van. I felt kinda bad so I stopped next to the door of the van and shouted "okay that's enough fun let me in"!! A laughing Taylor opened the door.

Nash got out and explained who I was to the guard and they both laughed and he said sorry and I laughed and said its okay. I gave him a hug and then hopped in the car with the rest of the boys. When I got into the car I sat in between Aaron and Taylor they both introduced themselves and I introduced myself they said, "oh we know who you are", then they both kissed me on my cheeks which caused me to blush then they turned and smirked at Brent who looked mad.

Brent said "please just drive". So they opened the gate and we went in.

Natasha's P.O.V

MOM!! I yelled "how come you wouldn't let me go I needed to stay with Audrey she has the tickets". "Oh I'm sorry I didn't know she had the tickets but I'm sure she'll come find you". she said. "I hope so well right here's good thanks mom love you bye". "Text me if you need anything, have fun, and be safe love you too and bye sweetie"! my mom said.

Well this was it I made it now I just have to find Audrey. This should be easy I said to my self sarcastically as I looked around at the hundreds of girls here.



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