Starting over!(:


12. the first time

*Aly's POV*

as we are standing there, making out justins hands start wondering, and im okay with it. i start to push myself as close as i can towards him and i just start grabbing onto the hair ont eh back of hand and i put my other hand on his waist. he pulls away

aly ; umm... did i do something wrong? is everything okay?..

justin ; yes im just,, are you sure this is okay with you? it is your first time baby.

aly ; if it wasnt okay with me, i would have stopped babe. 

i jumpde into justins arms and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and we started making out and his hans went from being on my lower back to holding me up by the bottom of my ass. nothing has ever felt so right. i know this is the man i want to be with forever and yes i wasnted to wait until marriage but this is right and hes going to be my husband one day. i just know it!

justin ; lets take this to the bed room baby girl

justin winks at me

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