Starting over!(:


13. the first time continued

as he walks us into the room we are still making out and the kiss hasnt even broke once. he throws me on the bed, and a moan escaped my mouth. ive been trying to hold it in but i couldnt help it. it just escaped. justin has this very sexy and suductive smile and all i did was smile and pull him onto me. 

aly ; baby im sorry to stop you... i want this i do, im just scared...

justin starts kissing my neck 

justin ; babygirl dont worry. it will hurt im sorry but its going to feel amazing and youll love it

i bit my lip and started breathing heavy. all i knew is i wanted him so bad. justin started to leave hickeys around my neck and all over my chest and all i could do is moan. justin started taking my clothes off and then just stopped

aly ; whats wrong....

justin ; nothing. i just havent seen your body and even though you have scars youre still so perfect and beautiful

aly ; lets not talk about my scars.. lets just do this baby

then i pulled justin down and we srated making out. we were both completley naked and honestly im starting to relax and im not as scared anymore. justin slowly starts to enter and i grab onto him very tight and start moaning.

justin ; are you okay baby? there is still more.. but i dont have to put anymore in..

aly ; go ahead baby im fine

i bite my lip and then start moaning and then just like that, i lost my virginity to the most amazing man ever!

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