Starting over!(:


7. Meeting His Mom

*Aly's POV*

I'm gonna pay him back. I can't let him pay for me? I found some money in my purse. I had 20 left from going to Walmart to buy make up. I asked for a hug, cause I knew he wouldn't let me pay him back. So when he hugged me, i slipped it in his back pocket. He noticed... Oh god.. I  gotta walk away. Then luckily I heard somebody yell.


Justin : Moooooommmm!

I was so thankful she came out. I would have ended up with my money again. 

Pattie : This must be the girl you've been non stop calling me about?

I was zoned out trying to figure out how to make him keep the money.

Justin started shaking me. How embarrassing.. Zoned out, not paying attention when i'm meeting his mother... 

Aly : I'm sorry... 

Justin could see the tears forming in my eyes. So he pulled me into a hug. 

Pattie : Well Justin, let go of her, let me meet her. 

Justin let me go.

Aly : Hi, i'm Aly. Justin's girlfriend. 

Pattie : Wait? You guys are together?

Justin : Yes mom (:

Pattie : Awwwww. He told me he wanted to ask you out, but was scared. I told him to go for it, but he didnt listen. 

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