Starting over!(:


5. First Boyfriend. <3

*Aly's POV*

He lost his virginity already... I don't wanna take the chance of him just using me for sex? I mean... I don't wanna get emotionally attached and then be heart broken cause he only wanted a piece? I couldn't help but sit there and cry. I'm thinking to my self. And that always ends in me crying. Then I heard him start talking

Justin : Hey, why are you crying sweetie?

Aly : I'm scared that if we end up dating like I want to, it'll be great. Then it'll all get ruined. You'll wanna have sex, and let's face it, you'll get your way. I'll get hurt in the end.

Justin : Baby.. It's not like that. Of course I would like to be the one to take your virginity. But if you don't want me to, that's okay. I can wait. It's not all about sex with me baby! Please stop crying

So I stopped crying. Maybe this was a good idea? If anything I'll be hurt for a little.

Aly : Okay.

Justin : So.. Will you be my girlfriend?

Aly : Of course I will!

And here comes the tears! He's my first boyfriend. And I'm his first girlfriend. It couldn't get much better then that! While I was in the middle of thinking, he kissed me. I haven't had butterflies like this in a while.

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