Starting over!(:


4. Best Day EVER<3

I stood there. Speechless! No idea what to think. He likes me, he wanted to kiss me! It's like a dream came true. I need to tell him he saved my life.

Justin : Baby , you're zoning out. Are you okay?

Aly : Oh yeah. I'm sorry !! Haha .

OMG ! He called me baby. Ahhhh.

Justin : There you go again baby! Haha.

Aly : I'm sorry. It's just you keep calling me baby. And I'm not used to it .

Justin : Whys that?

Aly : I've never been in a relationship.

Justin : ummm... Whys that??

Aly : Cause I'd never have sex with anyone..

I can't believe I just told him that.. Now he won't want me either

*Justin's POV*

She's a virgin? Never had a relationship? Will she find it weird that I've never had a relationship but have had sex? I have to tell her.

Justin : I've never had a relationship either.

Aly : So you're a virgin too?

Oh god... I knew it. She asked..

Justin : No... I'm not..

Aly : Oh... I have to go.

Justin : NO. Please . Please. I only slept with one person. It was once . I'm not a father. I don't have aids. Or anything. Just please don't leave

Aly : I just.. Was hoping I would lose my virginity to the guy who saved my life. But you already lose yours..

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