The Colder The Winter (Michael Clifford)

Sadie is a normal girl who loves to make friends. When she stumbles upon Michael.. the mysterious boy at the beach. Well let's see what happens shall we?


1. Boy At The Beach...

(A/N: ok i know i have another story named this also but im unable to delete it.. sorry xO)

Sadie's POV:
It's raining. And for most people that's a bad thing. But for me it's a good thing. I love the rain. I grabbed some headphones and a jumper. I shoved my feet into my Converse and headed out into the drizzle. I love taking walks when it rains. It helps me relax.

I make my way to the park that is down by the lake. I sit on one of the wet swings. Say Something starts playing and I roll my eyes. It's such a cliche scene A girl sitting on a swing by a lake, it's raining and she's by herself. Then this sad depressing love song comes on.

cue a boy to come confess his underlying love for me I think to myself sarcastically. I glanced over to the beach and did a double take, then rolled my eyes again. A boy was kicking a stone along the wet sand. His head was bowed with his hood pulled up and his hands shoved deep into his pockets. Like I said. Total cliche.

I watched the boy for a bit. I wasn't trying to full on stare at him but I was intrigued. He must have sensed me looking at him because he looks up and we make eye contact. I quickly turn my head away, my cheeks flaming. I waited a bit then stole a glance at the boy but he wasn't on the beach anymore. I swiveled around looking for him. I seen his figure retreating across the car-park.  I watched until the rain fuzzed his figure to the point where I couldn't see him anymore.

What was I doing?

Why did this boy intrigue me so much?


When I got home I decided to take a hot shower. I turned the water as hot as I could take and stepped under the spray. I let the hot water seep into my skin and relax my tense muscles I thought about the beach and the boy. I wondered if he visited there often. Or maybe he was meant to meet a friend and they forgot. 

Either way thoughts of him distracted me for the rest of the night.


OK so i know its kinda short and all but it's only the first chapter.. so yeah i decided to start a michael fanfaic :) and don't worry i wont forget about the luke one. Love you all!! :*

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