He's my what?!?(1D/5SOS fanfic)

Georgie is a normal teenage girl, she fangirls over boy bands, has annoying siblings and has amazing best friends, but what happens when she goes to a concert with her best friends and finds herself being invited on stage?!?


1. Intro

Georgie Reilly

Heya my name georgie, well Georgina but I think it's too long so yeah Georgie Reilly... I'm 14 years old,I've got brown hair, green eyes, and I'm 5'10. My favourite bands are, One direction, 5 seconds of summer and Little Mix. I love almost any type of food and I am quite sporty. Oh and also I live on London. So yeah that's pretty much it about me, catch ya later xx

Gemma walker

Hi mate I'm Gem/Gemma walker I'm one of Georgie's best friends! I'm 14, blonde hair( but I like to dye it) and green eyes!Me and Georgie are practically twins, we like the exact same things except I hate sport so yeah that's me see ya : ) xx

Teri-Ann McPherson

Heya Hun I'm teri-Ann or tezzy as I like to be called but yeah I'm the oldest in the group as I'm 16, I've got brown frizzy hair and green eyes. Also I am in LOVE with Little Mix!!! They are so gorgeous and pretty and amazingly talented! I could ramble on forever about them but I need to go now so yeah... Bye bye xxxxx

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