I'm Austin Mahone's Sister ?

Erial is-well was a normal girl. Until that one day her mom told her she was adopted. She didn't know who her real parents were. If they were dead or alive. But soon she finds all that out, when she opens the front door and sees the Foolish 4 with Mrs. Mahone right in front of her.

Austin is a normal teenage boy living his dream. He was loved by almost every girl on Earth. He had a perfect life. But that all changes when he finds out he has a younger sister. He soon meets her but she is not what he expected. Who knew having a younger step-sister could be so hard?

Wanna see how a 2 worded, 11 lettered, sentence could lead to? Then I suggest you read this story.

A/N : WARNING. This story has self-harm, drugs, bad language, bullies and more.


7. Phone Call



Erial's P.O.V.


Erial : I wanna go to ..... get the boys and go to an arcade . That is if we can .


Austin turned my way and smiled .


Austin : 'Course we can .


I smiled back . Finally ! A chance to get to know the guys better . I feel like I can trust them but not enough where I would trust them with my life.


We drove back to house and told the boys what was gonna go on today . Austin walked in the house and yelled the news .


Austin : Guys get ready we're going to the arcade !


Alex : Is Erial coming ?


Alex asked while he was walking down the stairs .


Austin : She's the one that said to go with you guys .


Alex turned to me with a shocked expression .


Robert : Really ?!


Erial : What think a girl can't play a good game in video ?


Robert : I take that as a challenge .


Erial : Tell you what if you beat me at a video game , your choice , I'll do a epic dare you make me do .


Robert : Deal .


We shook on it . To be honest I wasn't scared . I'm really good . Not meaning to brag but I am like the 13th best out of the entire world on one of my video games . Ya I know SWAG .


Zach : So when are we leaving ?


Erial : In an hour I need to get ready .


With that conversation over I walked back to my room and went in the bathroom . I stripped down and jumped in the warm water .


=45 mins later=


I walked downstairs and went in the jeep . The boys were already there when I got there .


Erial : You guys ready ?


I got four yas back . I hopped in the back and buckled up . 10 minutes into the ride I got bored so I just went on my phone . I was texting my friends from my old school and catching up . After texting for about another 10 minutes I got bored again . I was about to say how much longer when all of a sudden .... my phone rings . Ring ! Ring ! It was a number I didn't know yet for some unknown reason I answered it . Yes . I'm that stupid .


+Phone Conversation+




Tye is This


Erial is This




Hey Erial ? It's Tye.


Oh hey Tye . What's up ?


Oh um nothing just wanted to know if you wouldn't mind hanging out tomorrow or maybe friday ?


I litterally couldn't stop smiling .


Ya of course . What did you have in mind ?


I thought maybe we could go bowling or maybe go the movies . Your pick .


How about movies ? I'm not that good at bowling .


Ya so I'll meet you there or do you want me to pick you up .


I can just meet you there . What time ?


How 'bout 6:00 ?


Ya that'll be great . I'll call you later ?


Ya I'll talk with you later .


K Bye .


Bye .


+End Of Phone Conversation+


Austin : Who was that ?

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