I'm Austin Mahone's Sister ?

Erial is-well was a normal girl. Until that one day her mom told her she was adopted. She didn't know who her real parents were. If they were dead or alive. But soon she finds all that out, when she opens the front door and sees the Foolish 4 with Mrs. Mahone right in front of her.

Austin is a normal teenage boy living his dream. He was loved by almost every girl on Earth. He had a perfect life. But that all changes when he finds out he has a younger sister. He soon meets her but she is not what he expected. Who knew having a younger step-sister could be so hard?

Wanna see how a 2 worded, 11 lettered, sentence could lead to? Then I suggest you read this story.

A/N : WARNING. This story has self-harm, drugs, bad language, bullies and more.


8. Chapter 8 / You Can Sing


I looked at Austin .

Erial : Just some guy I met at the mall .

The boys turned back at me .

The Boys : Who ?

It's like they meant to harmonize . It was creepy .

Erial : Just some guy .

I looked down blushing .

Austin : Look I know I promised I wouldn't get all older brother protective . But , I gotta know .

I looked at him with eyes full of hate and distrust .

I opened my mouth to say something to him but I shut it quickly . Should I tell him about my illness ?

No defiantly not !

Erial : Austin I'll let it slide this time but not again OK ? His name is Tye . FYI .

Austin looked at me to see if I was lieing . Apparently he didn't see anything so he turned back to the road .

Alex turned to me and looked me over .

Erial : Can I help you ?

I didn't mean to say it with additude it just came out . But apparently he didn't take it that way 'cause he smiled and said something that shocked me .

Alex : Your Adorable .

I just gave him a 'wtf' face and turned back to the front .

Erial : Austin can you turn on the radio please .

Austin : Yeah .

When he turned on the radio my favorite song came on . I started singin along right away .

( Song Is This )


Haha, you thought it was over? Let me see

[Lil Wayne:]

I wasn't born last night

I know this hoes ain't right

But you was blowin' up her phone last night

But she ain't have her ring nor her ring on last night, ooh

Nigga, that's that nerve

Why give a bitch your heart when she rather have a purse?

Why give a bitch your inch when she rather have nine?

You know how the game goes, she be mine by half time

I'm the shit, ooh - nigga, that's that nerve

You all about her, and she all about hers

Birdman Junior in this bitch, no flamingos

And I done did everything but trust these hoes

CB, fuck with me!

[Chorus: Chris Brown]

When a rich nigga want you

And your nigga can't do nothing for ya (ohhh)

These hoes ain't loyal... (whoooa)

These hoes ain't loyal... (yea-yeah - let me see)

[Interlude: Chris Brown]

Just got rich

Took a broke nigga's bitch

I can make a broke bitch rich

But I don't fuck with broke bitches

[Chris Brown:]

Got a white girl with some fake titties

I took her to the Bay with me

Eyes closed, smokin' marijuana

Rollin' up the Bob Marley I'm a Ra-sta

She wanna do drugs (drugs)

Smoke weed, get drunk (wasted)

She wanna see a nigga trapped

She wanna fuck all the rappers (uh-huh)


[Chris Brown:]

Black girl with a big booty

If she a bad bitch, let's get to it (right away...)

We up in this club - bring me the bottles

I know girl, that you came in this bitch with your man

That's a no-no girl...

All this money in the air; I wanna see you dance




AUUGH! Rich young nigga; name got bigger

and my change got bigger so my chains got bigger

Ferrari, Jaguar, switchin' four lanes

With the top down screamin' out "Money ain't a thang!"

Hah, me and CB in the Bay with her

Send her back home so you can lay with her

Okay, let's talk about this ice that I'm carryin'

All these carrots[?] like I'm a fuckin' vegetarian

Shout-out Weezy F., keep a red bone wet

Rose rolex, hoes on deck, she know I got a check

Do it too good when she ride that dick (whoo!)

Man I wouldn't trust that bitch - NO! (Haha)

[Chris Brown:]

Come on, come on, girl - why you frontin'?

Baby show me something

When I call her, she gon' leave

And I bet that bottom dollar she gon' cheat

Come on, come on, girl - why you frontin'?

Baby show me something

You just spent your ring on her

And it's all for nothing (yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Chorus 2X]

Loyal Remix - Chris Brown

When I finished singing I look at the boys to see there reaction . They all looked at me with shocked faces .

I turned around embarrassed . I sighed .

Erial : Yeah I get it I sing horrible stop lookin at me like that .

I felt someone's hand on my shoulder . I turned around to see the boys looking at me with still shocked faces .

Austin : You think that you don't sing good ?

Erial : I know I don't .

Alex : Yes you are what are you talkin about ?!

I looked up at all the boys .

Erial : Really ?

The Boys : Uhhh Duhhh !!!

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