I'm Austin Mahone's Sister ?

Erial is-well was a normal girl. Until that one day her mom told her she was adopted. She didn't know who her real parents were. If they were dead or alive. But soon she finds all that out, when she opens the front door and sees the Foolish 4 with Mrs. Mahone right in front of her.

Austin is a normal teenage boy living his dream. He was loved by almost every girl on Earth. He had a perfect life. But that all changes when he finds out he has a younger sister. He soon meets her but she is not what he expected. Who knew having a younger step-sister could be so hard?

Wanna see how a 2 worded, 11 lettered, sentence could lead to? Then I suggest you read this story.

A/N : WARNING. This story has self-harm, drugs, bad language, bullies and more.


6. Chapter 6 / I'm Tye

Erial's P.O.V.

Why did Austin have to do that ? I didn't mean to yell at him it just kinda .... came out ?

Erial : Look Austin I'm sorry .... it's just that I had a rough time with overprotective people and I don't want to go through that again .

Austin stopped when he heard my voice .

Austin : It's OK .

'It's OK' really that's it ? I would've expected more out of him .

Austin : You ready to go ?

Erial : Ya just let me do my make-up .

With that said I went back in the bathroom and applied some foundation , a baby lips lip-stick , and some eyeliner . I know what your thinking why is a 11 year old girl wearing make-up ? Well I always felt insecure about myself even though people said I was pretty or beautiful . Which I always replied with a snarky comment .

Erial : I'm Ready !

Austin : Meet me in the jeep .

I walked to the jeep with my backpack on a my back ('cause I never leave without it) . I'll explain later .

I was snapped out my thoughts when I heard a car door slam .

Austin : Sorry .

Erial : It's alright .

Austin: What were you thinking about?

Erial : Just .... life ?

It sounded more like a question then a answer . I even hesitated and if you knew me that was one of my tells for when I'm lieing . But since Austin doesn't know me that well he didn't catch on .

-At The Mall-

Austin : I'm gonna check out some shoes and you can do your own thing . We'll meet at the jeep at 6:00 K ?

Erial : Ya I got it no worries .

With the instructions in my brain I walked to Spencer's . I needed some new bracelets and some other stuff that will take to long to name .

- 2 hours later -

I was done at Spencer's quick so I went to get more band t-shirt's and some booty shorts with some studded boots .

I looked at my watch, that I just bought and saw it was 5:00 . I walked to the food court to eat 'cause I didn't want leave on an empty stomach . And they have the best pretzels at the mall .

After buying my pretzel I sat down by myself and started taking bites out of it . All of a sudden some random guy came up to me .

Tye's P.O.V.

I was walking through the Mall when I go to the food court and see this beautiful girl sitting by herself . I swiftly made my way to her table and sat down .

Tye : Hey my name's Tye .

She looked at me giving me a look over .

Erial : The name's Erial . It's nice to meet you .

Tye : You too .

I smiled slightly at her .

Tye : So what is a pretty girl like you doing alone out here in this crowded mall.

She smiled a little and just shook her head .

Erial : I actually didn't come alone I came with someone but we agreed we'd meet at the car at 6:00.

Tye : Can I by any chance take some of that time away from you ?

Erial : I don't mind .

We spent like 45 minutes just talking and getting to know each other . But, soon enough she had to go .

Tye : Do you really have to go ?

I really did not want her to go but ... I knew I had to say bye .

Erial : Yes I do but you have my number so don't forget to call me .

(She got closer to me) Promise me that you'll call .

I looked into her eyes .

Tye : I promise .

Erial's P.O.V.

I turned away from Tye's tall figure and walked to the jeep . When I got there Austin was already waiting with 2 bags in his hands with shoe boxes .

Austin : So where you wanna go next?

I thought about for a while and finally came up with an answer .

Erial : I wanna go to .....

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