I'm Austin Mahone's Sister ?

Erial is-well was a normal girl. Until that one day her mom told her she was adopted. She didn't know who her real parents were. If they were dead or alive. But soon she finds all that out, when she opens the front door and sees the Foolish 4 with Mrs. Mahone right in front of her.

Austin is a normal teenage boy living his dream. He was loved by almost every girl on Earth. He had a perfect life. But that all changes when he finds out he has a younger sister. He soon meets her but she is not what he expected. Who knew having a younger step-sister could be so hard?

Wanna see how a 2 worded, 11 lettered, sentence could lead to? Then I suggest you read this story.

A/N : WARNING. This story has self-harm, drugs, bad language, bullies and more.


5. Chapter 5 / Isn't It To Visible ?

This chapter is all gonna be in Austin's P.O.V. Just so you know .

Austin's P.O.V.

She's beautiful that was all that was on my mind. My sister is beautiful. She also has that appetite that makes her better. I swear if you told me 2 yrs. ago that I had a sister I would have laughed in your face and sent you to the nearest mental hospital. But now that I'm looking right at her I would've pulled you out of there right away.

After we finished eating we went to my house.

Erial : Wow .

Austin : It's bigger from the inside.

Erial : Damn !

I chuckled at that last comment .As soon as Erial came back to earth we got out of the car and made our way to the front door.

When we entered the house the guys went straight to my room. I stayed back and showed my sister her room. Her room consisted of pure white. In case she wanted to paint her walls and I was buy her a whole new bedroom set when she got there . That reminds me ....

Austin : Hey Erial ?

Erial : Ya  .

Austin : Do you mind coming with me to get your new bedroom set ?

Erial : No not at all. Let me just get freshened up .

With that said she got some clothes and make-up from her suitcase and swiftly made her way to the bathroom .

Erial : Hey Austin ?!

Austin : Ya !

Erial : Can you grab my hair brush from my suitcase? And while your there can you get my Pill to.

I stood up and walked to her suitcase. Her hair brush was easy to find but her Pill took a minute. By the way the Pill she was talking about is her Beats Pill. You know the speaker ? No ! Well then, your late .

After finding it I went and knocked on the bathroom door. When she opened I saw she was wearing booty shorts with a YMCMB shirt with the sleeves cut off and some red & pink Adidas.

Austin : Don't you think that's a little.....

Erial : A little to what ?

She said looking down at herself.

Austin : A little to ... visible ?

I asked more as a question then a statement.

Erial : What ?!

She asked very very confused.

Austin : I mean like, don't you think your showing to much ?

Erial : Aha !

She screamed out of nowhere which scared me , so I jumped.

Austin : Aha, what ?

Erial : Aha meaning I caught you.

Austin : OK I am beyond confused now. What did you catch me doing ?

Erial : You were being the overprotective brother. Which you saluted you wouldn't do. So now you only have 9 more chances and when all of them are up I will go back to my adoptive parents and stay there got it?

Austin : Ya I got it. No worries.

9 chances? Damn! I got to be careful now. But, would she really leave ?


The videos below are the kind the music Erial likes .




















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