I'm Austin Mahone's Sister ?

Erial is-well was a normal girl. Until that one day her mom told her she was adopted. She didn't know who her real parents were. If they were dead or alive. But soon she finds all that out, when she opens the front door and sees the Foolish 4 with Mrs. Mahone right in front of her.

Austin is a normal teenage boy living his dream. He was loved by almost every girl on Earth. He had a perfect life. But that all changes when he finds out he has a younger sister. He soon meets her but she is not what he expected. Who knew having a younger step-sister could be so hard?

Wanna see how a 2 worded, 11 lettered, sentence could lead to? Then I suggest you read this story.

A/N : WARNING. This story has self-harm, drugs, bad language, bullies and more.


3. Chapter 3 / I'm Tired Of It .

Michele : Look I'm sorry we didn't tell you as soon as we got here ... we just wanted you to get to know each other.

Austin : Mom we understand...

Erial : You might understand but, I don't. I'm tired of being lied to. Actually let me rephrase that 'Not being told the truth for a limited time' Ya because that explains the situation so much better. (Sarcasm)

Everyone is dead silent until Austin chooses to break the silence.

Austin : Will you come live with us in Miami ?

Erial : What? I ask in confusion

Austin : I said if ....

Erial : I know what you said I just wanted to see if you were being for real. I interrupted.

Austin : Yup, I was totally being for real. No joking, my mom already agreed to take you in since you're her step-daughter.

I turned to my adoptive mom and asked

Erial : You knew about this ?

She looked down and said

Adoptive Mom : Yes .

Erial : I swear what is with you whisper and keeping stuff from me ? Is that a new thing or something 'Keep important information from Erial ya that has a great ring to it (sarcasm).

After I finished with her I turned to Austin and said

Erial : I'll go with you to Miami.

Austin and the guys jumped up and started cheering.

Erial : But ..... you can not be the overprotective brother 24/7 OK?

Austin : Yes Ma'am. He saluted

Erial : Well I'm gonna go pack.

As soon as I said that I skipped to my to my room and started packing. While I was packing I thought about what life would be like in Miami living with the Austin Mahone, telling people when they ask that he's my step-brother.

Austin's P.O.V.

As soon as Erial left the room I left to. All I could think about is how she accepted so easily. I get that she didn't like her mom because she lied to her but .... she hated her enough to leave so easily. That's some real hate.

After being out side for a while I went back inside to go help Erial with her packing. Well if she wanted my help.

Alex's P.O.V. (Finally)

I am seriously overwhelmed. First finding out that your best friend has a sister and then that she's gonna live with you and your friends. That's a lot to take in. I just hope we'll get along and not make her want to come back to her adoptive family.... cause she's actually pretty chill.

Robert's P.O.V.

Wow. That's all I can say. Just wow. So much has been going on that my brains so full I feel like its gonna throw up the the worthless info soon. OK so first Austin has a sister and know she's gonna live with us... that easily to. Something is strange. I'm gonna keep my eye on that girl.

Zach's P.O.V.

Damn! This girl is awesome as heck. At this moment I really ain't surprised that he had a sister. Wanna know why? Its cause I over heard Michele and Erial's mom on the phone talkin about how she wasn't ready to meet and other stuff I couldn't catch. So ya that's why I'm not freaked out like Rob & Alex.

 Down Below Is Erial . Listen To The Song It's Really Good !



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