8. the party (part 2)

You both got out and went straight too the kitchen to get a drink. After a few drinks your friend left to go dance with some guy so you walked outside to have a smoke no one knew you smoked so lit one up until you heard some one come out and it was the one and only Michael Clifford he looked at you with the smoke and was shocked but after a few seconds he smirked at you

Michael: well well well look what we have here little good girl is not such a good girl after all

You: well you know what they say good girls are bad girls who haven't been caught

He smirked at you and pointed at the smoke asking could he have a drag you nodded and gave it to him after a few puffs he gave it back to you

Michael:so what else don't I know about little miss bad girl

You: well that's for me to know and you to find out

He smirked and you both sat down on the swing chair thing it was getting a bit cold and you shook a bit from it michael looked at you smiled and took off his jacket and put it onto you

Michael: here take this it will keep you warm

You: thanks

You blushed and looked down letting you hair cover your face Michael put his fingers under your chin and lifted your face up so your looking up at him

Michael: don't cover your face with a face that pretty it should be covered up

The next of all he pressed his lips to your and of course you kissed back when you both pull away you bite your lip

You: ok I have a confession to make I ....

Michael: fuck I knew it you have a boyfriend I knew it was impossible for you to be single

You: what no I don't have a boyfriend I never had one

Michael: oh thank god then what is it

You: I have had like a big crush on you since like forever

Michael: WHAT REALLY I have had a crush on you for like forever so now that we found out you like me and I like you will you be my girlfriend


He laughed and then he smashed his lips on yours this was the best party ever

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