5. hotel girl


You got VIP tickets to the one direction concert in so you and your friend booked a hotel room for the next 3 nights so when you two arrived you's cheek in and went up to your room when you's were all settled in you went to get ice you saw the lift about to close but someone stopped it and it turned out to be your favorite Band member from 5sos Ashton you smile at the ground "thanks for holding the lift" you say looking up at him "that ok " he looked you in the eye and smiled BING "oh this is my stop see you later" he said getting off "ya sure" you say you got th ice and then ran back to the room as fast as you can to tell your friend "(y/f/n) omg guess what" you burst through to door "are you gonna say the the one direction boys and the 5sos boys are staying here I know I saw a the tweet" she said looking so happy "we'll then guess who held the lift door for me" you said jumping on your bed "who" she jumped up off her bed and onto yours "Ashton" you squeak you both scream and jump up and down until the person next door knocked and told you's to be quite after all that you both went to bed


You woke up at 1:00 and got ready for the day you were finally ready at 3:00 so you woke you friend up and told her to get ready and told her you we're going to get something in Starbucks when you came back form Starbucks she was ready and you both left to get to the arena when you were there the doors were open so you's went in and you's went to the stage you were right up the front then 5sos came on you keep looking at Ashton and he keep looking at you and when he first saw you he smiled so big we'll when they were done Ashton stood in front of you but on the stage and said "hey your the hotel girl" you smile and look down and said "yep that's me" he put out his hand for you to take and said "would you like to come back stage with me" you look up to him and then your friend to give a face like 'can I ' she nodded her head and you took his hand and walked back stage with Ashton he didn't let go off your hand when you got back stage and into the back room were the rest of the boys were once they say you Luke said "hey ash is that the hotel girl you wouldn't stop talking about last night" your eyes widen and you look at Ashton while he looks down blushing so you look down and start to blush next of all you hear a big "OW WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT FOR CALUM" Luke screamed you let out a little giggle "oh god I am so sorry (y/n) " Ashton said in a worried tone you smile at him "it's ok Ashton

* NOW *

"And Kids that's how I meet your father" you say looking at Ashton and smiled

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