1. Fans Loved You To Being A Couple *5sos*

You and your boyfriend Luke went to the mall together you's go every where together you were walking in and out shops until you and Luke gets stopped by a few girls asking for a picture with Luke you don't mind so you take one of the girls phone and take a picture of them and she asked for a picture with you as we'll you were surprised because no fan ever asked you for a picture together with you you said yes and took the picture the girls all took a photo with you and told you how much you loved you and Luke being a couple and not to listen to any of the hate they said goodbye to you and Luke and walked off Luke smiled at you and said well well well looks like my baby (Y/N) has some fans. You shove him a little and he pouts so you kiss him to make him feel better


You were at your boyfriend Ashton's house you were both cuddling on the couch watching the notebook you were crying at it and you didn't even notice Ashton took a picture of you holding the pillow up to your face just below your nose hugging it he put it up on twitter you paused the movie and looked at the comments

@ashtonismybae omg they are the best couple ever I ship them

@5sosforlife awwwww love (y/n) she is so nice she stops to talk to us fans all the time lly

@itsmebitch omg they are perfect I know they will stay together for ever and get married and have children

You smile as you read them out loud Ashton smiled and put his hands on your belly and said "one day there will be a little baby (y/n) in there or a little baby me and I can't wait for that day" you smiled and kissed him on the cheek and you both fell asleep on the couch


Michele and you were playing video games in his room you have been best friends for ever but everyone thought you's were a couple you both didn't mind and you just laugh it off every time but all his fans were convinced that you were a couple you got bored of the game so you took a picture of Michele and put it up on twitter and the caption "he looks so cute when he is focus on his game love ya besto" straight away the fans tweeted back saying how cute you are being a couple you smiled and played video games for the rest of the night


You were on your way home from work you were tired and just wanted to go to bed you stopped at Starbucks and got a strawberry and cream frab you payed for it and were about to walk out when 2 girls stopped you

Girl 1: OMG hi aren't you Calum's girlfriend (Y/N)

You: haha yep that's me are you girls fans

Girl 2: yes huge fans we also love you

You: aww thanks what are your names

Girl 1: oh sorry I am Jennifer

Girl 2: and I am Donna

You: we'll hi Jennifer and Donna would you like me to ask cal to come down here to meet you


You laugh and ring cal and asked him to come to Starbucks he said he would be right there you talked to the girls until he came when he came he wrapped he hands around your waist and you introduced him to he girls and talked a little longer you liked the girls and asked them would they like to go shopping with you they said yes and you and cal went home and a few weeks the girls became your best friends

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