Gilmore Girls

Luke, Stars hollow funny times as we look into another version of Gilmore girls Join Lorleai and Rory on their humorous and addicting ride to fantastic people!


1. Coffee Coffee and Coffee

Lorelei's pov:

I opened the door of Luke's diner and my life begins...

"Really?" Luke asked me, "go make you own coffee." "I cant I already made exactly 14 cups this morning and none of them are as good as yours!" " Suck up," "hey atleast I look good doing it." Luke gave me my coffee and I went to go sit at the closest table to the front door, a couple minutes later my daughter walked in and sat down with me. "Hey mom," "hey hon" she took a huge gulp of my coffee "hey what the heck it took me ten minutes to get Luke to give that to me." "Sorry but I have to get to school me and Lane have to work on our science project and plus I have to work on my reading." "Alright Ill go get you a cherry Danish and a coffee to go." "Okay hurry!" "I will." So I got Rory her Danish and her coffee and went to work at the Independence Inn. "Hey Suki?" (the cook also Lorelei's best friend.)" Any mail this morning?"  " Yup its from Chilton," "WHAT?" I screamed "what's wrong???" "I've been trying to get Rory into that school for 2 years!" "Open it already!!!" "Okay, Okay Okay!" "So?" "She got in!"      


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