His Sister

A/N:This is not actually real details... Hi I'm Valerie Malik...Malik as in Zayn Malik's little sister


3. My Bestfriend

Valerie's POV

My best friend is Niall Horan. I know your thinking how can you be 'just friends' with Niall Horan. Well when ever we were ten he came down to Bradford to visit his mum for a year so we ended up going to the same school and we were instantly best friends. He was also like a brother to Zayn. After the year was over we went with him to the airport we were only ten but I still was crying my eyes out when he was about to board the plane. For my 13th birthday I need up getting a surprise visitor and yes it was Niall it was a huge box that Zayn had given me. Right when I opened it the box feel apart and Niall jumped out and hugged me. I was speechless I just hugged him for what felt like forever. When we pulled apart my face dropped and I felt sad. Why was I feeling like this I mean I didn't have feelings for my childhood best friend...or did I?

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