Love Fights <Avengers>

When Kimberly A.K.A. ShadowCat joins the Avengers team, she and her love interest start to fall in love. But, what happens after they head into there enemies workshop? Will they be able to escape? Find out when you read my story!


3. Ultron's Workshop

We arrived at the workshop and Ultron says "OK Shadow, where should I place these 2 idiots at?" I said "IDK! O.... I see some sofas there, let's put them there" Ultron placed them onto the sofa and made them stay there if they needed anything holler. It was lunchtime and we were all hungry. I told Ultron "Ultron, Were hungry, got anything to eat?" "YES, of course I got plenty to eat, I may be evil but I'm supposed to be nice when I'm at my workshop" said Ultron being nice. I said "WOW! Surprised that your being nice after all" "Anyway, what would you like to have?" Asked Ultron. "Me I want Cuban Sandwich, Coke with Lemon..... Lemme see what the idiots want" I turned around to find Clint's sister Lillian 'Lilly' Barton A.K.A. FieryFox sitting on the sofa eating a chicken salad wrap. I went over to my team and asked then what they wanted to eat, they all ordered a chicken Ceasar salad, chicken salad wrap, and chicken sandwich. I told Ultron and he started cooking. We all had our lunch and now it was time for Ultron to do his work. Ultron turned back evil and used his scepter on everyone of us, I stopped him using my powers which this time worked. Ultron evilly said "I thought you were possessed bitch" I said being tough "Think Again Jerk". Lilly joined in with me and used her telekinesis slamming Ultron into a wall making him unconscious. As I grabbed Ultron's car keys we all escaped outta his workshop and drove back to the Avengers office where we found Nick Fury standing guard outside the garage.


Hope you enjoy this Chapter..... Next chapter coming up.



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